UX for a new web product! (ideas)


Hello everyone, nice to meet you all:)
We are startup company that develop some task manager product with new tech’ and we fate with some UX problems, our system not user friendly for the users. they cannot understand the our flow.

If their is some tips for us to make a better first understand for the users beside tooltips we like to heard, iam invite you to visit our system - www.widiz.com


Do you mind sharing some screenshots from the tool and also some of the users feedback regarding those specific pages? That would give us a base to find the issues.


Hi @netanel_zaken740 and welcome. :slight_smile:

We’re happy to help out with this, but as Ali points out, it would be useful to have a few more details around the issues you’re facing. Is there something specific that people seem to be tripping up on?


Hi Netanel - this has nothing to do with UX or your actual task management software but on first glance I noticed many English language problems on the home page. Make sure you have a content editor who is a native American English speaker take a look at your site before launch and clean those up for you.

Also from a marketing communications viewpoint your tag line of


probably isn’t the strongest choice for you. I assume you are referencing the fact that with your application you can do task management outside the office (in a coffee shop for instance) using your laptop computer. That’s not a very unique benefit- at first I thought “oh is this for use on mobile devices”? but I don’t think that’s the case since the screenshots show much larger screens and forms that wouldn’t work well on mobile.

Also your sub headline of:

“WIDIZ will make your ideas happen and help you be much more productive. You can collaborate with others, manage projects, share files and more. Teams are focused because project priorities always clear.”

could be improved. These are capabilities I would expect any project or task management to do for me, at the minimum. In other words, they are not unique.


Why do they need to be American?


Hi @AshleaMcKay - yeah you’re probably right. I said American just because of the larger market size but the differences in spelling and word usage between say British English and American English are fairly minor.


Thank you @SteveCrow

To clarify @netanel_zaken740 - anyone fluent in English should be able to help you refine and edit your content to ensure your message comes across the way it was intended :slight_smile:


Agreed! If you have 4 seconds to make up someone’s mind, it might make more sense to tell them what the most immediate benefit to them is – probably the fact that they can be more organised and work smarter. You can follow that up with the secondary benefits, one of which is the portability.

@netanel_zaken740 All the suggestions that we’ve so far have more to do with sales and conversion than user flow, which I understand is your main concern. Where are you finding that people are dropping off or getting confused?


thanks you all guys :slight_smile:
its nice to see a community of ux. you all right about the content and we will change that soon @SteveCrow , but unfortunately this is our small problem.
@HAWK in my user test i saw a similar problem - lack of understanding the flow system, we try to use the tooltips method for “getting started” but its fall and the users give up realy fast on the content.

have some method or tips?

screenshot from the first scene.


Sorry I don’t understand this screenshot at all, I’m afraid I’m completely confused about what’s going on here. :frowning:

Can you tell me what do the numbers 1 2 and 3 mean (the ones in the pink arrowed boxes?)

Why are there two very similar looking pink boxes with the number 1 in them?

What is the purpose of this particular screen? Is it to set up my project or maybe to set up a work space - whatever it is, is that the first step a user would complete to start using your system?

I don’t understand why the 5 sub-tasks are there like “Welcome to WIDZ!” or “Ready to start?”

If this screen is for setting up a workspace (I’m only guessing here) then the only options I should see are those that relate to setting up a workspace. So, for instance, I might expect to see some form fields to provide basic information needed to set up that workspace and then a “create” button.

I just noticed the start timer button at the top of the window. If this is to allow you record how much time you are spending working on a task (which would be a nice feature) I’d suggest only showing that on screens where I am actually doing work. If this screen is really all about setting up a work environment or creating a project, I am not actually working on those things yet so, in other words, I wouldn’t show that timer button by default across all screens - only on those where it makes sense. Am I making any sense?:slight_smile:


I see, so you mean that people are having trouble working out how to use the tool?

I can think of a few sites which do this really well. When you first sign up for Dropbox they set you some tasks to complete, and they gamify it, so the more you complete, the more free space you get. By the time you’ve got the full quota, you understand how the product works.

Slack do a more simplified version, with the pulsing points over key features that you hover on for more info.


Thanks @SteveCrow, this tooltips method is temporary until we think about better solution - if you have better way to display the flow i will like to heard it. we dont have a special screen for getting started - good idea :slight_smile:

yes @HAWK, for now we have the tooltips method and “getting started” missions like you can see in the attach’. i will explore the “slack” way. what you say about special screenshot for the the first setting? their is some special tools to make it?


I don’t quite understand your question here.