UX Exercises to Build Awareness In Your Organization


I recently began a new role where I find myself part as part of a 2-person UX team at a company where the concept of experience design is a newish one.

The upshot is that while there are a lot of people here who are enthusiastic about UX design and the value it can bring, there are quite a few who haven’t quite bought in yet. As such, we’re looking for exercises that we can perform with others that might help build understanding of the value of UX for our business partners.

I was curious if anyone had run into something similar, and what exercises you’ve used to help sell the value of UX to your business partners. Does anyone have any suggestions?

For reference, our audience encompasses business partners from our development team all the way up to our higher-level executives, so we’re not looking for exercises tailored to one particular group.



This article might tangentially have some ideas: https://uxmastery.com/proven-strategies-to-manage-stakeholders/

And yay – new job!



Thanks - and thanks! I’m excited for the new gig. It’s definitely a good move.



I’ve recently started a role as the first ux/designer at a saas company and I guess whilst they have def recognized the need for ux by making the hire in the first place, I get that not everyone fully appreciates the full value of ux. Some things I’m trying or have done so far to get people onboard with value of ux

  • scheduled 121 meetings with people from all depts to 1. Find out more about what they’re interested in and 2. Explain what I’m interested in. This is probably the most important thing I done tbh as it has opened lots of coffee station type conversations
  • said yes to most work things. Networking has been very useful in communicating with others and getting noticed
  • documented and shared a deck to explain new ux/UCD process
  • started a ux slack group which I share useful resources on
  • shared research insights and interview data with the wider team and anyone who might be interested
  • currently working on a central user feedback repository which I will share with the company
  • always asking to test things and basing all ux decisions on data from different sources to build a solid case
  • I plan to run a SUS survey to benchmark from every 6 months, which should help with proving value of ux

That’s all I can think of for now, will add more once they come to me!



Tackle it like any other UX problem :wink:

  • Identify the stakeholders in your work and identify their drivers.
    • Decision makers (C-suite, Department heads)
    • Developers
    • Customer Experience
  • Decision makers
    • Educate on UX aspects that affect product strategy or performance in other areas of the business.
      • Quantitative research on product performance. Are there parts of the product that are underperforming? Might be areas to point out for improvements or elimination to save dev and support costs. Good CTOs love this.
      • As the UX Mastery article mentions, case studies that show UX affect on the bottom line.
      • What areas is CX spending a lot of time on helping customers? Can you make an easy measurable improvement and demonstrate the aspects of UX used to do this?
    • Marketing - Usually the landing page for a product is easy pickings for usability improvements. Make some improvements and get customer feedback. The feedback can be a powerful educator for execs. Tread lightly if you’re new to the business, the design might be someone’s pet.
    • Any customer and user research sessions on the product are powerful educators. If UX is new to the business then they probably haven’t done decent user research. Showing C-suite stakeholders the high/low lights reel from your research will be educational for them.
  • Developers
    • Totally agree with the article again here. Especially if there’s services on different platforms. There’s just going to be designs and experiences that have to be implemented differently between web, iOS, Android, plus whatever else.
    • A great exercise here is getting developer input and involvement early in the design process. This will help win them over and educate them on UX methodologies. You’ll need the help from the developers to design for the platform, and they’ll appreciate participating.
  • Customer Experience / Client Services / Customer Support etc.
    • These folks feel the pain everyday, but can also be “in the weeds” on problems.
    • Get access to the system they’re using to track incidents. I built reports that classified incidents, kept stats on them and then got feedback from CX on the problem areas and customer interactions that have stood out to them.
    • Involving CX in any solutions and circling back with them when the solutions are released goes a long ways to both getting their buy-in and also educating them on the UX process.
  • All of the above
    • Design Sprints (ala GV style) go a long way to educate everyone since it gets people out of their silos and into your playground. Even if you have to do an extended sprint over weeks instead of the four days.
    • Obviously from the above, I like to get as many people directly involved in UX and my process as possible. Educate by having them participate.