UX Evaluation Mandate

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I am currently doing a course regarding ux evaluation. I am an absolute beginner and hence I would like to get some guidance in regards with creation of a “UX Evaluation Mandate” . Does anyone have a sample that I can use / refer / learn from and prepare one of my own?



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“UX Evaluation Mandate” is not a standard industry term. I’m not sure what that means. The course doesn’t have an example?

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Apparently… This is what the course says :frowning_face:

The evaluation mandate aims to define the objective and the scope of the technological interface to be evaluated. This is a crucial step in the preparation of an evaluation project. A poorly written mandate can have serious consequences on the process and can lead to significant dissatisfaction both for UX professionals and for the recipient of the report.

If the mandate’s definition is too broad or too vague, it will lead to a deviation from the recipient’s expectations, and potentially disappoint him. If the mandate’s definition is too narrow, the evaluation might miss altogether the real issues of an interface. The mandate has also a contractual scope; it is, therefore, essential to carefully craft it in order to avoid any negative impact on the deliverables at the end of the evaluation process.

From the description it sounds like a cross between a problem statement and usability testing purpose.

So it’s probably what is the problem being addressed by the solution, the type of platforms (app, responsive website, etc.), and what measurement you are going to use. Are you going to use task completion success, time on task, etc.

Check out this site for some help, Usability Evaluation Methods | Usability.gov.

Hope that helps!