UX Entry Positions


Hello all! I am a recent college graduate and am seeking an entry-level UX position. I seem to be struggling to find entry level positions available. Where might one best find these positions? I have been on the job search for most of 2017 thus far, and can’t seem to find a position. I have contacted some recruiters, but haven’t had any luck.

I do have some UX internship and project experience, so I am not a stranger to UX by any means.

Also, I welcome any feedback you may have regarding my portfolio, http://samuelensign.com/.

Thank you in advance!


Hello and welcome! Might I first inquire where you’re looking already?


Certainly! I have often looked on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed, as well as UX Job boards like uxjobsboard.com, justuxjobs.com, and uxdesignjobs.com. Some of these job boards are heavy on global positions, but I was looking to work in the US.


More than fair. What search terms are you using?


For entry level, I have used “UX entry” and “junior ux”. I have also used “user experience”, “user experience designer”, “ux designer”, “ux researcher”, “design researcher”, and “ui designer” during my search for the most part.