UX & Developers communication



hi everyone!

I am curious and wanted to ask you to share how you communicate as UX designers / UX design teams with developers and team responsibles for apps / webs development. what I mean is what techniques you use - do you make presentations, scripts or are familiar with any other ways to explain them your ideas and what should be done?

feel free to share your ideas. :slight_smile:



A few random thoughts

  • Show and tells / demos are good as a starting point. Walk through your wireframe/flow with them and they can ask questions for clarification on certain areas.
  • Always document. Annotations on how interactions work e.g. what happens when a button is clicked, exception states etc. A history of design decisions also helps. People will forget things!
  • If your mockups are hi-fidelity, then a tool such as invision inspect can be useful
  • Regular UX/UI build reviews to mitigate misunderstandings


Here are a few articles which might be useful.