UX designer advantages of AI technology

Do we have any discussion link for how a UX designer can take advantage of coming AI technology? I am searching on this topic please can someone direct me any examples of AI. I have googled and read almost many articles on it so something fresh and more relevant will be great. thanks


Interested in this too! I see commercials for AI-generated websites and I’m like please don’t deprecate me lol

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Hi guys,

I think for UX designers the best place to start is to get educated around AI, Machine Learning, Data Science etc. I’m working with an AI team which includes Data scientists, we are building Chatbots to help customer service. The UX considerations are very interesting.

How do humans speak to machines?
What does this conversation look/sound like?
How can we make this experience great?
How can a user build and author these conversations so the make sense to their customers?

For example we are including what is called in data science a ‘Confusion Matrix’ and adding it into a products UI. For me this was not a easy concept to get into. But I couldn’t begin working this into the product without having some level of understanding.

The value a UX professional brings to the table is helping to make the complex simple. And that means bringing our knowledge up. We need to understand the complex first, and be able to speak with the engineers. This will help us to be that link to the end user.

Some links below might be of help.

I found this guy’s videos very helpful

Also have a look at the business reports from Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group etc, these can be a great place to start.



Thanks for this @paddy! Your chatbot work sounds fascinating.


Its pretty cool, I always get a kick out of learning new stuff, and this work is certainly doing that. ,Paddy