UX Design Trends to Watch out for in 2017



Blog predicting the different UX design trends for 2017. Here’s the blog link. 7 UX Design Trends to Watch out for in 2017

According to this blog, while card scrolling and parallax are not going anywhere, skeuomorphism is making a comeback. Storytelling, gestures, animations and videos are other interesting trends that were talked about. Then the next generation UX research techniques like EEG, GSR and facial expressions. Duotones, Rapid prototyping and bold types were highlighted too. Would love to have community opinion on this. Please do mention which trends do you think will be gamechangers and which ones will become irrelevant in 2017.


This one was floating around my office today! I wonder how they’ll do the EEG. I’ve had several and have always walked away with an unfortunate fistful of unwanted gel in my hair! :slight_smile:


hi @neonester
I don’t know what will be a trend for the 2017.
I’m pretty sure where, as UX, I will invest my time and effort to work with.

  • different way to access web pages with a mobile device (eg facebook browser, twitter browser)
  • devices with larger screens and different way to handle the “comfort tapping zone”
  • new UIs for smart objects and a bunch of integrations with the existing ones

I don’t agree with the post about the “rapid prototyping”. In my experience the quality of the prototype is strictly related to the goal that you want to achieve. A lot depends on the audience, if they are able to understand a lo-fi proto and they can provide you a good feedback.


agree with you @dopamino … it all comes out to your audience’s understanding. But I feel rapid prototyping will definitely pick up as product’s time to market is getting shorter and you need to fast track your research to build to feedback process.