UX Design Projects for your portfolio

One of the hardest things to do when starting your design career is to create a design portfolio of impressive work. The worst thing is even if you have a job, your past work usually sucks and is hard to include as a reflection of your capability.

I decided to create design projects/practice projects that designer could build a portfolio on. Each one is pretty detailed in terms of objective, target audience, deliverables, references and recruiter tips. Any feedback is welcome and hopefully they help you craft a more impressive portfolio.



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I’m confused how this is different from RookieUp?

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Not sure if you have downloaded one of these projects to compare to the ones from Rookieup.

Firstly, its free. Available of the website with a free pdf download. Rookieup is $49 upfront

Secondly, each project contains advice from three recruiters from top companies (Facebook, Amazon, Shopify etc).

Thirdly, a detailed deliverable list so that you don’t miss anything the recruiter might want to see when building the case study.

Great resource! However, it only allowed me to download PDF for one project. The other two projects says I can download but no download button. Also, there is a mention that you have to login to download - but can’t find the login button. I’m I missing something?

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