UX Design novice looking for honest advice!

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​I have had an interest in design and the aesthetics of objects from an early age. As I have grown older and read more into design it has become apparent that it has the potential to transform from interest into a passion. As I began researching the different aspects of design and stumbled across the discipline of UX design which immediately resonated with me. I am in the infancy of my journey and still unsure if this is the path for me but a while ago I promised my self to be cognizant of the things that interest me and pursue them further, that’s why I am here today.

There are several barriers that I feel may hinder my progress in becoming a UX designer. I would be curious to hear what you all think.

1st – I come from a non-design professional background, I piloted airplanes for 8 years and have a Canadian Airline Transport Pilot License, which unfortunately translates into no design experience.

2nd – I have no official design education, apart from the courses I have started with the Interaction Design Foundation. I have looked into design schools and online boot camps but am unsure of the most logical path I should take to be taken seriously(boot camps, online MOOC’s like Coursera certificates at UC San Diego in Interaction Design, or start another degree in an art school like Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Money is also a concern as I ideally would like to start earning it and experience at the same time (I am aware that this might not be a reasonable expectation). I already have a commercial aviation diploma and a bachelor’s degree in business.

3rd – Age. I am turning 32 in a few months and this may sound silly, but I am legitimately concerned that I will be judged negatively for starting a second career so late.

4th – Location and Job Market. I live in Vancouver, Canada, which seems to have a vibrant technology scene. Preliminary job searches have returned very few design jobs though(I admit I may not know where to look).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I am open to hearing your opinion whether it be positive or negative!

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PS. I apologize if there is a thread for this already.

Welcome to the forum @Ty_Flood!

There is a thread about bootcamps here, https://community.uxmastery.com/t/ux-boot-camps-bloc-vs-designlab-vs-springboard-vs-careerfoundry/.

Plenty of people join UX with no design experience, that’s totally fine! You can learn it.
32 is not old at all. You’ll be fine. I haven’t seen a lot of UX jobs in Vancouver, not sure why, but there are quite a few in Toronto. You can also work remotely.

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask more questions.

Hi @Ty_Flood
Same here! Worked in airline and looking into transition :slight_smile:
The thread about bootcamps that @jdebari posted helps!
I feel the same and not confident in myself. But don’t give up and that’s why there is this community here! Keep it up :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community @Zoe_Liu!

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Thank you!! Just discover this amazing place! :blush:

Thank you @jdebari!!!

Thanks @Zoe_Liu, good to know there is someone out there in a similar spot to me!

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Yes! @Ty_Flood Keep updating each other! :blush:

I am transitioning my career from Advertising Art Direction design to UX design. I am 37 and am taking the UX Career Track at Springboard. You can look into that. Lots of people get into UX with no design background. And people change their careers at all ages in life!! Don’t be so hard on your self, if you think you will enjoy it, go for it!!

Hi @MegSullivan!

Thanks for the encouragement and your recommendation :slight_smile:

It’s sincerely appreciated!!!

I will dig a little deeper on the UX Career Track at Springboard!

I’ve seen so many people making a career transition from Graphic Designing to UX Designing. Making a career transition into UX Designing from any field isn’t impossible. UX Designing is about creativity and practice. But if you want to become a UX Designer you should start learning it from as soon as possible. Follow some great UX designers on social media platforms, read some of the well written UX blogs, watch YouTube videos on UX Designing. Most important thing try to find an internship.

Welcome to the forum @MegSullivan!

Thanks for taking the time to respond @Amitbassi!