Ux design and team building


Hello everyone, I´m developing a new strategy for increasing my colleagues investment in the design process by making use of team building exercises but I must say I am finding it hard to find new inspiration. Most simple exercises rely on face-to-face interaction but I work at a global company so team building is quite a challenge and I was wondering what others do besides process analysis to increase investment in design and communication. thanks


Interesting challenge! I also work in a fully distributed global team so I’m curious.
Do you want the team building exercises that relate to design, or more general ones to build rapport?


Have you checked out the Gamestorming book? Not exactly related, but may help with inspiration.


What do you think of this?


I’ve done #4 myself. It was very nice.


Thanks for the link Piper, there are some good ideas there. And I will check out the Gamestorming book to see if I can adapt the ideas to my project, Jdebari. I am actually interested in exercises that engage the remote/local team in aspects of the design process, opening up their understanding of how the pieces fit together and their part in it. I’ve thought of a few scenarios, mainly micro design projects with a time limit, but beyond that I thought I’d pick some brains :slight_smile:


I’ve used Mural (online tool) to do remote whiteboarding sessions and to brainstorm. That works well.

What parts of the design process do you want to work on?


Have you considered implementing a lean UX strategy for your team? Take a look: https://blog.walkme.com/users-happy-lean-ux-principles/?t=20&para1=SMO

I find that the minimalism helps simplify complicated processes and allows for a smoother design process within the team overall. Good luck!


Thanks all, I have a need for collaboration on the design specifications chiefly. In large industry there is a real issue with a spreading out of ideas and there is a distinct lack of focus quite often. i´m trying to pull all the threads together into a format that will unite those strands. I can see myself using that online whiteboard tool quite readily, thanks for that @jdebari . As for LeanUX, that´s always in the back of my mind so thanks for reminding me of that, @megan_w

At present, I´m thinking of a sort of “Emergency Huddle” exercise where a given failure situation is described and a representative team (from the various divisions) need to concoct a quick and dirty solution. It might be the kind of thing to enhance their knowledge of each other´s processes, devise some interesting specifications and gently push them into a design flow. Any thoughts? Will this work?


Do you have a design system in place? Another organic helpful artifact is a heuristics charter. If not, perhaps collaborative effort to help establish these items. These can help keep things lean. If you use InVision at all, there is a collaborative tool as well called Freehand. Typically, distributed teams (time zones, methods, etc) should have a common thread that is the foundation. If there are disparate companies doing their own thing and unwilling to collaborate, then cultural based solutions may need to be put in place. UCD is inherently collaborative, hopefully an accord can be reached putting the minds together.