UX Competitive Analysis πŸ”Ž

Hi, fellow UXmasters! :wave: Have you come across any good practices of competitive research for a UX design project? Looking for a template or an example you could share.

Thank you for your help. :raised_hands:

Sasa - I’ve done TONS of competitive research, and would be happy to discuss. Like any study, you’ll need to determine the areas of inquiry (i.e. the questions). The real key is to determine your best sources of information and how to reach out to them double-blind. If it’s users, you may be able to find them via a public user group that’s not directly affiliated w the competitor, or through social media comments about the competitive product. And you can of course hire a third party like me to be the face of the project, if needed.

If I can be of any help as you structure this, happy to have a short call!


Sound great! It would be awesome if we can connect and talk. I just added you on Linkedin, let’s continue chatting there. :slight_smile: