UX Case study that cover 1.5 year is it fine or better to divide into the short parts?

I’m writing a case study for work that I’ve done in my current company at 1.5 years. All case studies that I saw describe a specific feature or first launch, so timelines there always 2-5 weeks. And I’m wondering is it okay to write a case study that will cover High-level Goals that we get to in a 1.5 year?

Yeah, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I think a 1.5 year case study would make an interesting read. Go forth!

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Yeah, 1.5 years is fine. It’s not really the length of time that matters for the case study, but the story you tell and what you accomplished. You don’t have to include every detail. :grinning:


I agree with @jdebari and @tim0.

Plus it would be awesome to have a change. I bet this your case study would hold a good amount of information and insight.