UX Careers: To Code or Not to Code?



The narrative being pout out there isn’t that designers could learn additional skills, it’s that designers SHOULD learn other ‘complimentary’ skills.
Lets look at this a little more. There is a massive difference between 'could’ code and ‘should’ code. I don’t think I need to pull up a dictionary to differentiate the two words.
Secondly, what is complimentary to design? Code? Yes. Business strategy? Yes. Art? Yes… anything can complement design if it really wanted to.
Where this argument gets tiring is that there is a preconceived notion that designers are so versatile and flexible they SHOULD do a lot of things. Why should they? I think this is unfair. Which is why when I reverse the question I hear crickets. Suddenly coders see the vast array of design methodologies, theories and tools they would need to be good at so that they SHOULD design. You get me?
Don’t get me wrong, I started my foray into design from being a developer many many years ago. I like getting my hands dirty with some code sometimes. But do I want to do it as part of my role as a designer? Heck no! Do i expect other designers to do the same? No. There are coders for that and thats it. Could we have hybrids and unicorns? Sure, in every indusry we have them but i wouldn’t expect every designer to feel anxious about learning how to code especially when they haven’t felt the need to ever in their lives.
Let’s just get real and drop this nonsense of 'complimentary skills and master what we love please.


@ari_rahmati totally agree to your point :smiley:

I believe, this is majorly due to the lack of education about how UX designers adds value to a company.

Often people call design as common sense, but what they might not be realizing is that its not very common to have common sense (keeping users at center). This is also because most of the products in early 90’s were dominated by technological revolution which contributed to business majorly, but yes the recent realization of tech industry about User Experience is revolutionizing the end users experience and business.

Long way to go for User Experience Design :slight_smile:


Answer is “A Designer must have basic knowledge of coding to understand Developer’s perspective and constraints” so that you don’t get fooled by Developers.