UX Careers infographic


Hi guys

I spotted this guide to UX careers infographic thing. I don’t think it paints a complete picture, and it’s US-centric, but it could be useful for some.


Unicorn is missing - I’m all six of those in my current role. But I do love Visual.ly - they’ve got some cool stuff! :slight_smile:


I think if Jared Spool wants to call himself that, then he can. For everyone else though, I think Leah Buley’s UX team of one is perhaps more appropriate. My job title is UX Designer, but the reality is that I’m a UX generalist, which is a brilliant position to be in for now - will definitely specialise at some point though!


Actually, Jared openly admitted to me that he is not a UX designer any more—he’s someone who researches UX. :slight_smile:


…but is he a unicorn? :wink: