UX Card decks

Hi guys

Is somebody of you using ux card decks? If yes which one and what are your experiences?
I did some research about it and am thinking about integrating one or some of them in my techniques set.

Some of them seem quite cool, I like those ones:

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Hi Georg,

Those look really interesting. My old work mates had a set of cards that had design principles and concepts on them, and they were great for when we got stuck or were trying to come up with ideas. They were more psychology based, so they had things like Gestalt principles, and social psychology. So for instance collections - people like to collect and have the whole set of things, people group things that look similar together etc.

Unfortunately the set they have was a limited print run, and they don’t sell them anymore :(.

Matt and Luke have some awesome card sets. I’ll see if any of them are still available.

Yep, I really like the Mental Notes series by Stephen Anderson. They come in a lovely leather box, too. :slight_smile:

Thx guys … unfortunally the Mental Notes series is sold out for now :-/

Doing a little research I found this one:

(link in the article does not work but the one below does :slight_smile:


My favourite UX-related card decks are:

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Great list Luke, I may pinch some from your collection!

I wonder whether our recent list of tips for selling UX would make an interesting card deck? A bit of refinement needed but there might be something in there!

I have the UI Patterns cards from this website http://shop.ui-patterns.com/?utm_source=cards_ui_patterns_com&utm_medium=frontpage_order_button&utm_campaign=old_cards_frontpage

I found them really useful when doing a brainstorming session with stakeholders so they knew exactly what we were referring to when we used UI terminology. No misunderstanding that way.

I want to get the psychology ones at some point too.


I did a workshop with Anders in Munich. The cards are really useful for different purposes, in general they make a lot of persuation principles easy understandable in a very fast way. Anyway if you are more interested in the theories in the background of this principles you need to do additional research. Additionally you should check on his udemy course because there you get some kind of context how persuasion should be applied in a persuasive way https://www.udemy.com/designing-engaging-user-experiences/


Thanks, will have to add that course to my list :smile: