UX Boot Camps (Bloc vs Designlab vs Springboard vs CareerFoundry)

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I think the UCLA program is by Trilogy Education. The curriculum is not good so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Since you want to do part time and focus a bit more on UI, I would recommend CareerFoundry.

Thinkful owns Bloc, and Chegg owns Thinkful so they are all the same program. That one is very front-end coding heavy and not very in depth with UX.

Hope that helps!

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Designlab has the best curriculum and portfolios, but CareerFoundry will have more connections in Germany. I like Brainstation’s set up, but the program is too short to really go into depth.

I think either Designlab or CareerFoundry would be excellent choices for you.

I would talk to an admissions advisor for both and see what they say.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @jdebari thank you for your advice :slight_smile: Is there a reason you recommend CareerFoundry instead of Designlab? I’ve heard so many good things about the latter… what are the main differences between CareerFoundry and Designlab?

Desinglab’s part-time program is more like 30 hours/week so just based on you working part-time it would be easier to do CareerFoundry. Designlab has a better curriculum and projects, plus weekly critiques. Other than that, they are basically the same.

If you can do Designlab, I definitely recommend it over CareerFoundry, but it depends upon the time you can commit.

I see… Could you please go more into detail about how Designlab has better curriculum and projects? Also, what are your thoughts on General Assembly’s online Visual Design course? Thank you in advance! @jdebari

Hello @jdebari !
I am heavily debating between Springboard and Designlab because of the UX + UI component. I am finishing up my last year of university with a psychology degree and am considering doing one of these bootcamps part-time during the school year, but unsure if it is doable with a full course load (12 credit units).
So far I have had a call with Springboard which left a good impression on me, but just unsure about their curriculum being unoriginal. Is this something I should be worried about? What bootcamp would you recommend for me? Thank you so much for this thread.

Designlab has a curriculum team. They work on updating and providing the right amount of information. CareerFoundry has someone who updates if there are errors, but they don’t have an active team designing content.

CareerFoundry uses the same projects over and over again. Designlab does too, but they have a much wider selection. CareerFoundry has maybe 4 whereas Designlab has 12.

Hope that helps!

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I would definitely not recommend doing a boot camp while in school. Wait until you graduate. You won’t be able to devote your full attention to either endeavor and you’ll end up being mediocre at two things. :grinning:

Wait until you graduate and think about what you want to do.

Hi @jdebari, would you happen to know anything about the course, Shift Nudge??
Someone recommended it to me because I’m interested in UI design, but I’m looking for a very extensive course that will teach me EVERYTHING I know to become a UI/visual designer. I can’t find anything about this course online since it’s relatively new.

Hi @stellaire, I have heard of Shift Nudge and read what I can about it. I heard on a Slack channel that the course is pretty good. Honestly, though, I think it is way too expensive. And, as you said, it only teaches UI design.

It looks like I missed a message where you asked about GA’s Visual Design course. It’s very basic and too expensive for what you get. I’ve taken it myself and it was so basic. :slight_smile:

If you can, I would suggest Desiglab. You’ll get a very well-rounded curriculum, projects, live critiques, and job help.

Is there something making you hesitate?

Hi @jdebari, I am more interested in UI/visual design and want to focus on that more than UX. Would you still recommend Designlab?

Ah, sorry, didn’t realize you wanted to primarily focus on UI Design.

In that case, Shift Nudge could be a good option. I don’t know if there are any portfolio projects, but you could always do those on your own.

Not sure where you are located, but I can tell you on the west coast of the US, UI Design as a profession is basically dead. Your expected to be well rounded and do it all.

Let us know what you decide!

@jdebari I do want to learn UX but with more of a focus on UI. Should I go with CareerFoundry in that case??? I’m based in Socal btw

@stellaire, CareerFoundry’s portfolios are pretty weak even focusing on the UI specialization.

I would start with Designlab (you do an intro course first) to see if you like it. You can always change your mind.
You can also check out the Daily UI challenge to work on your UI skills. There are a lot of places to practice UI.

Hope that helps!

@jdebari Sorry, I’m just a bit confused because you recommended CareerFoundry over Designlab at first…

"Since you want to do part time and focus a bit more on UI, I would recommend CareerFoundry.

“Designlab’s part-time program is more like 30 hours/week so just based on you working part-time it would be easier to do CareerFoundry. Designlab has a better curriculum and projects, plus weekly critiques. Other than that, they are basically the same.”

I don’t really have money to be freely throwing around, so I can’t really “change my mind” whenever, which is why I need to make a solid decision.

@stellaire, CareerFoundry is okay, but if you can do Designlab that would be better. Portfolios are better coming out of Designlab.

I can’t make this decision for you. I can only offer advice.

You don’t have to pay tuition all at once. With Designlab you take a 4 week intro course before starting the program. You don’t have to commit or pay for the program until after the intro course.

Please look at some alumni portfolios for both programs and do some research on the curriculum of each program. You can reach out and talk to alumni as well to learn about their experiences.

Hope that helps!

Hi @jdebari,

Thank you for answering all my questions so far, you’ve been really helpful!

But I have to ask… do you think enrolling in a bootcamp is even really necessary? Or should I just study other people’s work/portfolios and build my own portfolio/case studies from there? I feel like most of the stuff can be pretty self-explanatory; the only thing I’m really concerned about is not knowing how to use any of the programs (e.g., Sketch, Figma, Illustrator, etc.)

For context, I got a degree in Psychology so I’m pretty familiar with most of the research methodologies and whatnot involved in UX!

I have been considering the bootcamps, but I’m not sure if they’re worth it anymore because, again, they’re very very pricey and the return on investment seems so uncertain. Especially when I think I could teach myself everything from looking at examples and free online resources. What do you think??

Also – what are your thoughts on IDF (Interaction Design Foundation)? I paid for a yearly membership there and am currently taking introductory courses.

I also found this helpful little link online:

This is awesome! You did a great job :clap::clap::clap:

Hi @jdebari!

I have no tech background, am transitioning careers, and am ready to learn UX as efficiently as possible.

I noticed your high recommendations for DesignLab throughout this thread. What are your thoughts on Google’s UX Design Training? Google mentions that graduates will be directly connected to top employers

What would you recommend as the best path to take? My highest priority is to acquire a job, since real-world practice is the quickest way to grow