UX Boot Camps (Bloc vs Designlab vs Springboard vs CareerFoundry)

Yes, that’s true, but the content is still useful. It’s also structured with projects for hands-on learning. There seems to be more variance in the mentors that I have heard about, but it’s not a bad program.

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Thank you for all the great advice. Thanks to this board, I have successfully gained the courage to enroll in DesignLab’s course. I believe I am more concerned about achieving a robust portfolio and job guarantee.

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Hey there! @jdebari

I am looking into making a career change from visual merchandising into UX/UI design.
I was a photographer for a while and am familiar with some design tools. I also studied psychology in college so have a good grasp of research.

I am really grappling with which bootcamp would be best for me.
I love the idea of a weekly conversation with a mentor so ive been looking into Bloc and Springboard, but I am open to other ones if there would be a better fit.

Thank you,

Welcome to the forum @Carrie_Lee!

All the main bootcamps have weekly mentor calls. :grinning: Bloc focuses more on front-end development than UX so I don’t recommend them.
I think Springboard would be a good fit for you.
You may want to check out CareerFoundry as well as you get mentor calls and you interact with a tutor for specific assignment questions.

Hope that helps!

Great! They seem to have ‘Instruction’ hours. Does that mean classroom type setup?

Do you mean for Springboard?

Hi @jdebari!

I’m currently working in the finance department of a real estate company in NYC, however I’m a more creative, social type who enjoys working and collaborating with others and have been looking for something else to get into. Someone recently mentioned UX Design to me and although I can still only vaguely explain what it is a UX Designer does, I have been doing research and it really seems to combine all the aspects I’m looking for in a career.

It combines creativity, with guided technical work, collaborating with others and human interaction, problem solving, and doing meaningful work that actually has results and accomplishes something, and stays dynamic and interesting etc.

Due to COVID I’ve mainly been researching online programs and, like many, it comes down to CareerFoundry vs. DesignLab. At first CF seemed to be the more enticing one, but reading through this forum it seems DL has the better results both in creating job market ready portfolios and assistance with finding a job.

Is this so? Which one would you recommend, taking into consideration that I’m in the NYC/Brooklyn area?

The hours required to do the program wouldn’t be part of the consideration. Although, I currently work full time, the course would be my priority and I would go part time for it.

Additionally, I’ve heard recommendations to take an in person course if possible. Is there a specific one you would recommend? Am I missing out on important value if I take CF or DL, or is the difference not that monumental?

Thank you for taking the time to read this! It’s so great to have someone to ask especially considering that most people I mention this to have never heard of UX Design before.

What would you say are the biggest difference between DesignLab and Springboard?
I currently am inbetween both.
I am leaning towards the Designlabs just due to cost, but if Springboard is more indept/better than im willing the spend the extra cash.