UX Boot Camps (Bloc vs Designlab vs Springboard vs CareerFoundry)

It does, I just started the Springboard program, full time.

Thank you so much!

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Hi Everyone and @jdebari :wave:
I’ve been reading through this whole thread and it’s been super helpful to see everyone’s input. I guess it’s different for everyone because we all come from different experiences.
Which brings me to myself-I come from a design background in the design and architectural field and I think it translates really well into UX design, but for digital space instead :slight_smile:

I’m debating between Design Lab and Career Foundry. I live in Denmark right now and work full time, but have a lot of design experience as well as project management. I’m ready to go into UX, but want to put a few project under my belt to get some skin in the game.

Which boot camp would you recommenced for me? Thank you so much for your time, input, and all your guidance. I appreciate any advice as I’m pretty torn reading through.

CF seems great for people working full time but not so great with people with lots of design exp. thanks in advance!

I’m in the same boat as you! I’m trying to decide between CF and DL. I think both are great options, but I keep getting mixed responses about CFs capstone projects (how many total? what do they consist of? are they truly capstone projects for UX?).

I’m waiting to hear back from CF about this question, but ultimately I’m leaning more towards CF for these reasons: I hear that it breaks down the learning step by step, which would be beneficial to someone like myself who didn’t study design (I studied Psych). I like that there’s a mentor AND a tutor to review my work and offer advice when I need it (more than one perspective, more availability to answer questions when needed). The part-time program is 10 months compared to DLs 6 months (for nearly the same price), so I see that as more time to absorb the material and more time to get feedback from the mentor and tutor.

But, it’s been easier for me to find successful grads from DL vs CF on Linkedin, especially in the US where I plan to look for work, so I still feel very torn between the two. I was hoping to speak with Julia for some career guidance in this but her mentor sessions are booked out for the year! I don’t plan to enroll until May 2020, so I’ll keep trying to decide between the two until then, and refer to this forum for any new developments!

Welcome to the forum @Vanessa_C!

DL has more projects for your portfolio (3) whereas CF only has one. Ideally, you need at least three projects to have a strong portfolio. You can always do some on your own after CF. DL has weekly critiques which is where a group reviews your work, acting like the tutor.

Hope that helps!

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I would choose DL if you already have design experience. It will help you build a portfolio and prepare you for the job market.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @jdebari, thank you for your candid reply as usual, it helps a lot!

Springboard now offers a UI/UX course (nine months part time with 4 projects total). If anyone is looking for a program that covers UI a bit more and wants more projects in their portfolio in general.
I’m currently taking their course and enjoy it so far if anyone has questions.

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Hi there! This forum is exactly what I’ve been looking for, thank you for the incredibly detailed advice for our situations! I am transitioning careers soon and was hoping to get some input on what the best boot camp is for my background/situation. A little about me: I have a degree in Cog Sci and education, and am transitioning from teaching (2 yrs). During the transition, I will be dedicating full-time to the boot camp, and I also live in the SF Bay Area. I have zero design experience, and am looking for a boot camp with structure, mentor ship, and project variety. Which boot camp would you recommend? Thank you so much!

Welcome to the forum @kellykat!

It would depend upon your timeline and how you like to learn. For fully online, I recommend Designlab. They have three projects. I recently reviewed some of their curriculum and it’s looking good compared to some others. For in-person, I would recommend Flatiron in SF. You get 4 projects with Flatiron, but it is a bit longer than most bootcamps.

Hope that helps!

I am currently enrolled in Springboard’s UX Career Track program. I tried Design Lab (Design 101 course) last year and had a pretty sour experience with an inattentive mentor and little support for the issues I faced with them from DL support staff and management. So, I kept digging and found SB and have been in heaven ever since. Their staff, from the founders to your advisors and mentor, are incredibly hands-on and engaging, and anytime I’ve had a question, concern, or musing, they’ve been available. It’s a good environment, especially for anyone that’s transitioning careers like I am.

What others have said is true, with SB, you pay as you go. The Career Track is a 6-month program but if you finish earlier, you only pay for the months you studied. For students like me that have reached that 6 months and need more time, depending on how far you’ve progressed, SB will offer two extension months free of charge to allow you to finish. (If you go past those two months, though, you’re back to paying.)

It’s been a great program. I can’t recommend Springboard enough.

Hello! I’m new here…well newly registered :smile: This forum has been incredibly helpful in sorting through all of the various options in terms UX boot camps. Does anyone here have any experience with either Brainstation or Thinkful? I have read through all the comments on this thread and searched the other forums and haven’t seen much regarding these two options.

Brainstation seems like a rather short program but their online learning platform and live lectures format is impressive.

I haven’t seen a lot of reviews for Thinkful but it was suggested I consider them as a part time immersive course and that they are very mentor focused.

I would appreciate any insight anyone can share.

Welcome to the forum @Reesie!

Thinkful bought Bloc.io. Their curriculum is more front end development focused than UX or UI. You get a little bit of it, but not as much as the other bootcamps.

Brainstation has live lectures, but their curriculum isn’t as in-depth as other bootcamps. It’s all based on Design Sprints, which isn’t really a day to day working style.

If you can, an in-person bootcamp is better than online.

Thanks @jdebari for the quick feedback! I totally agree that an in person experience would be more valuable than online.

I was planning on taking the UX program as part of Georgia Tech’s Professional Boot Camp program. They offer a part time 24 week on campus class. It wasn’t initially clear but after some digging I discovered the course is actually taught by Trilogy and not Ga Tech. A little misleading but wasn’t an issue for me. I struggled with finding someone to talk to about the program. Once I was able to get a hold of someone I was informed that the course is on hold as they are revamping their curriculum. And no indication of when the program will be rebooted. Oddly the site still says the next cohort begins 3/3/2020. As a result I have been considering other options.

The only other in person classes I’m aware of In the Atlanta area is General Assembly and Lighthouse. GA doesn’t really offer a PT immersive course. And well Lighthouse is FT…I scheduled a call with a student advisor and they never showed up. :grinning: so there’s that lol