UX Boot Camps (Bloc vs Designlab vs Springboard vs CareerFoundry)

This is a great resource. Thanks so much for sharing this. Wish I had discovered this 6 months ago, but regardless, this is super helpful for me and other aspiring UX designers. I’m currently enrolled in Springboard and have had a positive experience so far.

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@jimmy Which Springboard course are you taking? How do you like the curriculum? How often do you meet with your mentor?


@jdebari I’m currently taking the UX Design course. I chose Springboard because I have the ability to go at my own pace. I work 9-5 during the day and have 2 kids so the only time I have available is usually between 9-11pm. So far I’m 3/4 of the way through the course and I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve learned a lot so far especially about research, IA and content strategy. I usually meet with my mentor once a week. She’s been very helpful and has given me some good insight on her process. Having a mentor was a big reason why I chose a paid course. My only issue with the course is that it is 99% articles/Linkedin learning from the web. I feel like if you pay good money, there should be some sort of custom/Springboard created content/lessons. But I can also see that they put in a lot of work to curate some good content into one place for you.

@jimmy Thanks for the info! Are you doing the Career Track UX Design Course? I thought they had two different UX courses, but my information may be out of date. :slight_smile: Glad your mentor is so helpful!

@jdebari I’m taking the regular UX Design Course. UX Design Course - Learn UX Design Online in 12 Weeks | Springboard They do still have the Career Track UX Design Course. I’d be interested to hear about that course.

Hello @jdebari thanks - it’s so great to get the perspective of someone who has familiarity with all of these programs. I took the Design 101 short course with Designlab Last year and loved it. I liked the curriculum and the learning platform, and my mentor was fantastic and responsive. I’d like to do their UX Academy program, however I’m a little concerned because I need to work full-time while doing an online program as rent and expenses add up in the major city where I live. While doing their Design 101 course, I found that to do a good job and get what I wanted out of the course, I needed to put in almost twice as many hours as they estimated would be needed per week. So I don’t believe I could do their part time UX Academy program while working full time. They estimate it will take 20 hours/wk, which I believe based on my experience with their Design 101 course would probably take around 30 hours a week. So I was looking at Careerfoundry’s similar program, which they estimate to take approximately 15 hours a week. Has anybody taken either of these programs while working full-time and how did you find the experience?

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I am currently enrolled in the CF UX Career Track and will be starting next month while working full time. I will post on here incremental updates throughout the course as getting constant reviews from these changing programs would be really beneficial for everyone looking.

I also was considering taking the Design 101 course just for my own interests, what kind of projects did you complete through that short course?

@kpez16 thank you - it would be fantastic to hear about your experience there! The Designlab Design 101 course mainly focused on the creation of either a travel related web landing page or a mobile music player app. Over the course of the 4 week class, you work on the project incrementally, creating user personas, designing a logo, creating a style tile, then wireframes, and then final design. But there were a number of smaller standalone exercises that prepped you for doing portions of that project.

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I think CF takes a little less time per week because you have one project to work on and they really pace out each step. You can also get extensions.

I did have one mentee work full-time while doing the UX Academy course and she never finished. She was always behind. Not sure if that is helpful?


Hello! In the past few weeks, I’ve reached out to some of the students who have taken CareerFoundry and DesignLab. I really wanted to know what the course material and writing style was like.

For CF, from what the alums shared with me, it looks like the material is written in a simple, yet informative style (I’m guessing because it’s based in Berlin and according to some reviews, this helps with those whose native language is not English). I was also told that CF writes all of their own in-depth material accompanied with videos they’ve made themselves.

As for DesignLab, I was told that the course material is comprised of articles you can actually look up online. From a snippet I saw, it looks like the required reading definitely does link you to outside articles. However, I was also told that what makes DL worth isn’t the reading, but the mentorship.

Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone who has taken any of the two can shed some light on the course material to see if any of what I just wrote is accurate and if it matters or not in the learning and fully grasping the knowledge.

@jdebari, please feel free to chime in too. The information you’ve given us so far has been so valuable. Thank you!

This is really helpful thanks @petey_misa :slight_smile:

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Hello @petey_misa, I cannot speak to the Designlab UX Academy program, but I did take their Design 101 course. It included original instructional content for each week’s lesson within the learning platform, with some linked articles. For that course, I would not say that the linked material was greater in volume than the course material written for the lessons within the platform. The content was written in a simple and straightforward style.

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Hello everyone, new user here. First off, I’d like to thank everyone for the wonderful discussion. It’s been very helpful.

I was also looking into CF, Springboard and DesignLab when I found another resource: The UX Design Institute. They are based in Dublin and are supposed to be the only online accredited UX school. Their accreditation is done through Glasgow Caledonian University, European Qualifications Network, etc . You get a diploma at the end of the course which according to them has a US equivalency to an Associate’s Degree. Cost is about $2,500. I requested a syllabus to get more information about the courses.

My problem is this:

In broad terms, I understand the differences between UX and UI design. I know I want to do UI but I wonder if the two can be separated in the real world. I know large or tech-oriented companies would have separate roles for them. But I get the feeling that most companies would actually combine them. Which means my pool of prospective employers would shrink.

  1. Is this an accurate assessment?
  2. Would it make sense to study UX to focus on UI, or would it be overkill and unnecessary?
  3. Does anyone here have experience with UX Design Institute?

Thanks again.


@gaflores. I’ve read about the UX Design Institute and I took their online UX Training. The content was good. I don’ know much about the program though. Are you able to find any alumni to talk to?

You could study UX overview and focus on UI. I think CareerFoundry and Bloc.io might work for you.
You could also try Designation, except it has 12 weeks in-person, which I am not sure works for you?

Hope that helps.

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@petey_misa, I agree that CF has original written content. It is well-written and easy to understand. CF is also very good at taking the whole UX process very step-by-step, broken into little pieces. They iterate on their content as well. When I first mentored their the writing was not as good, but it is much better now.

From what I remember, DesignLab has a mix of articles and their own written content. It is more overview with the work being the real learning. At the time, I was surprised it was all reading and no videos, but that may have changed.

As far as taking one course over the other if you are looking to get a job, I would say DesignLab because you get three portfolio projects versus one or two with CareerFoundry.


Thank you for the input. I actually started with a course from Udemy by Joe Natoli. It’s an UI-centered course and I really like it because he approaches design as a problem-solving discipline. I highly recommend this to any designers out there and right now it can be purchase for a pretty good price.

I decided I will take the UX Institute course in August and will complement with smaller courses on specific subjects throughout the year.

Thanks again.

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Let us know how the UX Institute goes. It would be helpful to have data from an actual student. :grinning:

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I’m in the Design 101 course right now and I can confirm this statement. It definitely takes a lot longer than the estimates they give per unit. Readings and projects actually take a lot longer to complete. Knowing this, I expect the UX Academy course to take even longer to complete each section.

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Hi! I am from the UK. I have been researching intensively for the past 4 months to find the most suitable UX Design full-time design course for myself. My shortlist so far are Career Foundry and Springboard (both courses are called UX Design Course).

I talked with both suppliers, some graduates (from UK and Spain) and read both syllabuses. CF does not give much away on their syllabus, so I asked them to confirm content in hours. CF claims have about 600+ hours of content and SB claims 400+ hours.

Price comparison SB is cheaper but when compared purely per hours of content CF seems a better value.

I was about to commit, then wanted to do a final google search " Career foundry Vs Springboard".

So happy I found this threat which has GREAT insights. HUGE THANKS to YOU all for your time to share your experience with these courses! I had a call with the Design Institute just now and they claim their course is 150 + hours of content. Plus the qualification Level 5 UK/EU. When I asked if the mentor and course manager would be happy to give me tips for UX job interviews at the end of the course they said of course. They seem helpful and very knowledgeable of the UX Industry, or as good as CF and SB. From the outside at least.

Hey Vita, welcome. I’m glad you found this topic useful! Thanks for following up with the extra information. It’s even better when this topic is kept up to date.