UX Boot Camps (Bloc vs Designlab vs Springboard vs CareerFoundry)

Thanks @jdebari. It helped me a lot!

I had a call with CF last night and was great, but the fact that there are only 2 projects of UX and 1 UI project (3 in total they said) makes me think to go for SB or DL. What do you think is best to have? Job Guarantee or 4 projects on my portfolio?

Thanks for your time.

@DavidM, I would say job guarantee is best. You really only need a minimum of three projects to start applying. One more project doesn’t make a huge difference. DL and SB both have job guarantees, but it depends on where you live.

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There is really only one in-person boot camp left for design and that is General Assembly. I would go online to either Designlab or Springboard. Their programs are actually better and cheaper.

Hope that helps!

Hi everybody,

I posted on here in late April as an individual from healthcare management looking to switch into UX/UI design. This forum (and this post specifically) helped me a lot when deciding between different bootcamps. I’m currently a student enrolled in Design 101 at Designlab and will be going into their intensive UX Academy program in the coming weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions about Designlab or how I went about choosing my bootcamp! I’m happy to give back to a community that has helped me so much :slight_smile:

Hi @stsangg,

I’m trying to make the decision between springboard’s ux/ui track and Designlab- I was just wondering how you’re liking your experience with design 101? Thanks

Hi there, this looks to be a great community. It appears as though there is some misinformation as it relates to CareerFoundry. I would be happy to speak with you @jdebari and clarify some information. Thank you for all you do!

Hey @gnv,

I decided to go with Designlab because I didn’t have the background in design or fine arts, so I wanted a robust education that would give me everything I needed to pursue this field. I believe it might’ve been mentioned somewhere in the thread above that Springboard is better for those with more prior knowledge? Not too sure, don’t quote me on that haha.

I currently am really enjoying Design 101- I’m learning a lot about the basic visual design principles, but also about the mechanics behind what makes good design, poor design, and how to succeed. My mentor provides feedback really quickly and I find myself starting to get into the mindset of a designer (mainly me creating something and then understanding feedback and constantly reiterating lol). You’re also able to see other students’ submitted assignments so it truly feels like you’re learning with a group of other people.
One thing that did surprise me was the amount of ‘in-house’ content that is created. I’m sure you’ve come across this in your research, but some bootcamps will have ‘curated’ content for their students meaning they just took stuff off the web. I feel like I’m reading a lot of content that’s created by Designlab, with extra resources being from the web.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

Hi @tpaschoal,
I’ve been reading this thread to get an idea in which ux bootcamps to apply for and was wondering if you could share your thoughts on SB’s ui/ux design bootcamp so far.

Thank you!

Thanks again @jdebari. I am from Spain living in Australia but I want to be based somewhere in Europe, hopefully this year and I am not sure if SB has the job guarantee there.

I just had a call with DL.

Pros that I find with CF: They offered me 100 mentorship calls during the whole course (DL has 30 calls with a mentor and 18 with a career coach) CF is cheaper than DL or SB, Job Guarantee in Europe.

CF Cons: 2 UX Projects and 1 UI Project instead of 4 projects with SB and DL.

I need to figure out which one is the best choice.

3 projects is fine for your portfolio. You can always add more projects on your own.

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hi @jdebari
Thank you so so much for creating the thread and providing insight into bootcamps. I wanted to field my situation to you and see what your thoughts were/are. I have a background in startup/accelerator programs, public relations, and fashion merchandising…the industries are kind of all over the place but my roles all focused on brand management, merchandising, or consumer engagement. I want to transition into UX dev/design but I want to make sure that I don’t have to start entry level/work my way up just because I’m switching industries a bit.

I know there will have to be a lot of networking and portfolio work but is there a program that you’d recommend that is better suited for positioning me and my past experience once I graduate? I’ve been looking at Springboard, GA, DesingLab and the UX nanodegree from Udacity but I want to make sure that I take a program that’ll not only be recognizable and respected, but one that works with my past experience and positions me for success. Thoughts?

Currently, I’m leaning towards DL because the work coming out from graduates looks way better and I like how in-depth they are going. I couldn’t find the link on their website to a syllabus but I’m interested in if they teach a bit of code or front-end dev in their course as well.

I’m also based in San Francisco so I know the job market is going to be competitive. Also, how important is it to have 1 client work vs having a portfolio with three case studies? (assuming that both bodies of work were equally strong…would one be preferred over the other?)

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UX Design and UX Dev are two different things. If you want to do both, I recommend Bloc. The others don’t do any coding. Having three projects with one client project is better than four mock projects.

You won’t have to start with an internship, but you’ll definitely be junior/mid-level when you’re done as there is a lot that you just learn on the job that is not able to be taught in school. You can get a good job that pays well.

I would suggest either Designlab or Springboard. Both are good. Nothing is really industry recognized in UX so that doesn’t matter. To get the syllabus you need to put in your email and they will send it to you.

Best of luck!

Hey everyone I posted a little bit ago about trying to choose a UX boot camp so I figured I’d come back and explain my process (and answer questions if anyone has any!).

I was between Springboard and DesignLab, but ultimately chose DesignLab. The reason was the structure of the course, the amount of UI they provide, and that they curate their own material. Cost wise this was also the most practical. The price for getting both UX and UI is unbeatable.

I have a heavy background in design (I’m a graphic designer) but I don’t know much about web design. I figured the Design 101 course might be repetitive but so far it’s been really helpful. Some of it is like a refresher course but I’m still learning tons of new stuff, so overall I’m glad I’m doing the 101 course.

I reached out to their admission team about joining Design 101 but had missed their enrollment, they were extremely helpful and placed me into the course. I had some catching up to do but it wasn’t bad.

For me at least, I feel their time estimation is fairly spot on, but I am a fast reader and my background in design makes most of this pretty easy to pick up.

I really love the content they provide and the readings are really engaging. The projects and homework are great and make sense. My mentor is also fantastic.

Overall I’m so happy with this choice. I’ll post again when I’m in the bootcamp with more updates.

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I’m a furloughed fashion designer in NYC with years of experience working within a design team and alongside a product team, looking to switch to UI/UX since the future of retail is looking pretty dismal after this quarantine. I would prefer an online course with original content, quality projects, and job guarantee. I also have a toddler without any paid childcare at the moment, although my wife is teacher with the summers off and we are interviewing nannies now. Therefore, time commitment is less of a concern (full-time vs. part-time vs. self-paced). In fact, I’m kind of leaning towards a full-time course in the hopes that I can finish before I get called back to work, which my company has said would be in September at the earliest. However, this would be really hard on my wife (nanny or not), so I’m also open to part-time or self-paced courses.

Thank you for any input.

Welcome to the forum @leeseedah!

I recommend Designlab for what you’re looking for.
I have a referral link that can help you get started. http://share.trydesignlab.com/juliadebari769. I’ve done a lot of research and I think this one would be your best bet.

Good luck!

Thank you for your reply!

After some more thought, I’m actually leaning towards a part-time or self-paced program now. Do you have a recommendation for one of those? I just think a full-time program would be too inflexible given the uncertainty of the times.

Designlab has a full-time program and a part-time program. It’s still a good option.

What a great thread, so glad I found it. A couple questions-

No one seems to mention any of the programs through Universities, why is this? I’m in Austin, TX, and UT-Austin and SMU (in Dallas) both have online (due to Covid) programs I’ve heard are good.

Can you do Designlab’s full program without doing the 101 course first? Would you be “behind” if you did?

TIA - Wyatt

Hello :slight_smile: this thread is truly amazing!

background - I completed my undergrad in computing and software systems and I am currently working as a Product Manager. I’ve had two years of work experience and I’m trying to move into the Product design space in Sri Lanka (Job Guarantee through bootcamps won’t really help me).

I plan to continue working full-time while I complete a UI/UX Bootcamp. I’ve narrowed it down to either, Springboard’s UI/UX Design Bootcamp or Design Lab’s UX academy. I am ready to commit as much time as needed and my main priority is having a portfolio that will make me stand out and I can get the best value for my money :slight_smile: I would like to start my own business within the next 5 years as a Product Design consultant and Im looking for the right start

I would really appreciate any advice on which course I should go with. Thanks in advance