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So, as anyone who trudged through my introduction post may know. I’m currently sans portfolio. I have a lot of ideas for projects to tackle to get one built but I’m also short on time and in the midst of applying for every role I can find. I wanted to do something. I use LinkedIn a lot for my searches and I was worried a lot of people were coming and seeing mainly my officer career and probably weren’t getting down into the web bits earlier in my experience. I wanted to start blogging but don’t have my site set up yet.

Yesterday I was struck with a bit of inspiration and wanted to act on it so I made a LinkedIn post and published it. I’m thinking about a few more of these but as this is essentially what passes as a portfolio for me right now I was wondering if you could take a look and tell me what you think. Hoping it’s not a rambling mess!


@wilsonsofoxford, I like the topic but the still frame was initially lost to banner blindness. I was into the second paragraph before I realized I was supposed to be paying attention to it.

Best of luck on the portfolio and blogging efforts. I look forward to following your progress.

Aha, hadn’t thought of that. Thanks! I’ve added the image in where it would appear in the narative as well.

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Blogging was how I got started! :slight_smile:

I was stuck at the entry level for almost four years during a very difficult job climate. There were no advancement and no stretch opportunities with my employer at the time due to restrictions beyond everyone’s control and like you I was very short on time for portfolio building through personal projects. Also the work I was doing couldn’t be shared through an online portfolio (I was working in government).

A colleague encouraged me to start blogging and sharing my ideas and lessons learned. Not only did that help build my technical capability but it also opened a lot of doors for me. You never know where it will take you and you will find that you get better at it the more you do it. I’d encourage you to keep at it and also consider posting to places like Medium as well! :grinning:


I was just thinking of starting this thread :slight_smile:
Your post is really good, very informative, and I liked that you provided a reference. This
I’m an amateur blogger too, and I started blogging a few days ago.
You should definitely check out Medium for blogging, its a great platform to use.

@AshleaMcKay your story is really inspiring. Are you on medium? I’d love to read your blogs on UX.

It’d be great if ya’ll can check out my blog and give me some feedback. Here is the link to my latest post : Designing for boredom


Thanks @enlightened_06 !

My work is all over the place at the moment! :slight_smile:

I have my own blog which I haven’t done much with because three days after I wrote my first post I was offered a guest writing spot at Optimal Workshop which ended up growing into a much bigger role and eventually my UX Agony Aunt column.

I’m starting to repost my older work to Medium and little bit of LinkedIn too and all my new stuff should end up there too :slight_smile:

Links to my stuff:

Optimal Workshop blog

My blog
My Medium profile

Happy reading and I will be sure to check yours out as well! :grinning:

Thanks for the links, your blogs are interesting and thought provoking :slight_smile:

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Great article @wilsonsofoxford – I enjoyed reading it.

Thanks all, I’ll keep at it!

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And now I’m on Medium. https://medium.com/@SgiobairOg

Also, job interview tomorrow!


Exciting! Are you feeling prepared?

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Goodluck!!! :grinning:

Haha, not at all! First interview in seven years @_@


Well, they didn’t say no! Waiting to hear back on the next phase which will involve coding tests. Not a UX position by title but they have UX positions at the company to work may way into.


Woah. Whether or not you nailed it, taking the first step (nerve-wracking interviews!) was already worth it. :slight_smile:


Well done SglobairOg!

@everyone, how do you get your ideas or where do you get your inspiration from?


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I get inspiration from Twitter (Who is talking about what? What is topical? What is controversial?) and from here (What questions are people asking? What knowledge deficits are we seeing regularly?).

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