UX blog


Hi I have recently joined a large organisation who currently are not very mature in UX. I have several tasks to do to embed UX in the organisation.
One of the activities I was thinking of doing was a blog on the intranet. Has anyone done anything simialr and if so what sort of items did you blog?

Also does anyone have any good tips to embed UX into a large organisation who see it as pretty pictures and unecessary time and money and ask for input in the later stages of a project which is too late for any testing?

Any tips or success stories would be appreciated.


We have a UX blog. :wink:

Jokes aside though, great idea. You could write about case studies that might surprise people. Times when UX has had interesting results - or things that people might not have realised were UX.


One thing I did at a large organisation that was resistant to embracing user research was post a highlight reel video of users struggling with basic functionality of the website (I had to get permission from the participants for their session to be used in this way, obviously). It ruffled some feathers and got a lot of people defensive, but it also opened up a conversation that got people thinking about this stuff and brought potential allies out of the woodwork.

You do need to preface something like that with wording that makes it clear you’re not pointing the finger at anyone, and be transparent about your reasoning for why you are showing them this (UX is everyone’s job, and I want everyone to care about this stuff as we all impact it, etc etc).

Another idea would be to run some “brown bag” lunchtime education sessions, where you get folks playing design games like those found in the excellent book “Gamestorming”. These can be really fun with the added bonus of building relationships and getting folks thinking about putting the user first.

Let us know how you go!