UX Audits


I’ve been asked to conduct a UX Audit on a new client’s website. I have found some information online, but am wondering if anyone in this community has any ideas or templates to share. The other thing that I’d like to know is how to conduct an audit on an existing client’s website where one has additional analytic data and info.




Searching for best/common practices, in my opinion, is always the best starting point, well done!

As a second step, I always ask to clarify what are the UX KPI’s that the client wants to check.
You can do that directly with the client and/or with the project owner, business analyst etc
With the KPI’s validation it will be easier to define a specific list of items to check, for instance:

  1. responsiveness for all the covered breakpoints
  2. consistency across all the pages, modals and views
  3. consistency of the tone of communication
  4. etc


Excellent - thank you for your response!

What if one of the KPI’s was usability? How would you assess this?




I would start checking the basic of the usability requirements:

  1. Document Type Definition (DTD)
  2. Semantic Structure (H1, H2 etc)
  3. HTML attributes, for instance, “ALT” for images and “FOR” for labels, “ID” for form controls
  4. Cross-browsing (according to the browser targets) test for the most important pages

Usability is a huge topic, a lot depends on the goal that you want to achieve shipping a fully accessible app.
It’s not only a question of implementation, a lot depends on the maintenance of the accessibility level (for instance if the app allows user generated content).

I hope it will be up to your alley :slight_smile:



Hi James,
This article might be a good starting point for you:



Thanks Sarah and Luigi - very helpful!