UX and UI Tools I Use Every Single Day


Hey friends,

I just published a detail on the tools I use every day for UX and UI design. Check it out here: http://narek.co/post/100736957963/ux…ts-i-use-daily

Since you are all super knowledgeable and must have your own war chests, I’d love to hear what you think. And I am bouncing the ball your way – what are the tools that you use every single day?



Nice article Narekk.

In terms of tools, I’m only starting to build them up at my new job, but my list includes (or in the past has included):

  • Post-it notes, paper, and the really awesome copic markers
  • Balsamic for quick wireframing
  • Omnigraffle for IA
  • Used to use Axure for interactions, but haven’t had to do interaction design yet here
  • Illustrator and Photoshop (used to use Sketch3)
  • Evernote, skitch
  • Trello
  • OptimalSort for card sorting

And have also been playing around with Pixate :).


Awesome :slight_smile:

My toolbox contains:

Post it notes- lots of different colours and sizes
Copic Markers
Sharpies- black and coloured and a wide variety of nibs
Bleedproof paper
A3 paper that I tend to take from the printer/photocopier as needed’
Optimal Workshop- full suite. Treejack, OptimalSort and Chalkmark
An A2 size whiteboard that I carry to meeting rooms (on my floor)
PowerPoint (it’s widely used by all staff in my office and they can all open and edit it)
LEGO- I’m a huge fan of creative tool kits
A4 lined notepads
Coloured pencils (drawing)
pastels (for drawing)
posca marker (for drawing)

Most of mine are 3D objects rather than software- I’m an industrial designer so I like putting pen to paper and having something solid to play with.



So I work in the back-end of a CMS designing new functionality so the end result does not need to have high-quality images (therefore no Photoshop or similar software needed) but it does need to be functional and easy to navigate.

I use
-Axure for the wireframes
-Paint/Gimp to edit pictures
-JIRA to monitor user stories and write functional specs
-Trello for retrospectives and to monitor tasks
-join.me and skype for calls and screen shares!

I have also written a visual note on the above here http://graphicotoast.wordpress.com/2014/09/19/life-as-a-cms-designer-101/

I will look into some of the tools other people proposed as I am always on the look out for new tools and apps :slight_smile: thanks for the tips!


Nice thread.

Omnifocus - To organise my day.
Leaf - To keep up to date with what is going on.

Sketch (I wish I could ditch Photoshop, but Sketch isn’t there yet)
iA Writer

Github for Mac / Sublime Text / Codekit / MAMP / Cyberduck - For any front end stuff that I prefer to avoid!


Then depending on what I’m actually doing on that day there are a number of sites/tools for more specific things… such as…



I noticed a lot of UX folks use Axure. I was never a fan but to be totally honest, I never gave it a full fledged shot. My combo of Balsamiq + InVision works great for rapid prototyping though.

Anybody have experience with both?


Being proficient in HTML and CSS, do I really need Axure? I can most likely (using bootstrap) create a quick fully functioning mock up from a Balsamiq in fairly quick order. I am thinking about trying out ux pin for 30 days just to see if it makes it any quicker for me.