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Hi Guys,
I am so excited to announce that my guest writer role at Optimal Workshop has evolved into this:
I am now an advice columnist for UXers! :slight_smile:
First column is coming soon, will keep you posted. The question for the first one was provided by the lovely Natalie Eustace! :slight_smile:


Hey Ash,
That’s really cool! Good on you. The site is brilliant.

I did notice a typo: [SIZE=18px]“who keeps on hand a bad of UZ tips”[/SIZE]


Always like to help out :stuck_out_tongue:

I also noticed another one : “[SIZE=18px]answer is chosed”[/SIZE]


Hahaha yes- Kathryn mentioned there were some big content issues! They’re working on it now :slight_smile:


Hi, Great idea looking forward to seeing questions and answers, best of luck with it. P


First column was published today!! :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff Ashlea! All great ideas. My one question would be, what happens if you don’t have any connections in some areas that your product can also target. So for instance our products are around crime fighting, but it can also be around financial crime, which is a different market as they are more like banks. So if you are looking globally, in a target area you don’t have connections with, what might be suitable methods to gain insights (I guess other than your normal finding related companies through web and emailing them).

I have a feeling that our sales and marketing team do have a wide range of contacts, and we may be able to leverage later :).


Thanks Natalie! :slight_smile:

Glad you liked it! In regards to your question, if I didn’t have connections at an organisation I needed them at I would go make some. Banks have that in house design capability too- conferences, twitter and linkedin is where I would look for those potential connections. Then once I had my foot in the door, I would get myself introduced to the relevant parties from there. It is of course very important to keep in mind that networking is a two way street. You have to be able to offer something too.


Nice blog !


Thank you! :slight_smile:

There’s been a few more posts since that one came out:


and this one that mentions this very community!