UX acceptance of team

Hi all!

as a relatively new UX designer, I’m feeling a little bit frustrated in my current working situation and I would love to hear all your opinions on that.

My current situation:
I’m part of a team that develops tools to improve software testing in quite a niche. We have one main product and other smaller tools that enhance its functionality. In general, it’s a very cool team, agile processes, flat hierarchies etc but we have a very clear focus to get as much users as we can which results in some questionable decisions.

My problems:

  • The user research: it’s very hard for me to convince my team that we should do more qualitative user research. It basically comes down to the argument that it’s too much effort to get meaningful data and that we already “know” what our users want. For some features we also want to specifically “find out what are users want”, we are currently evaluating them basically by asking them that (additionally with a survey afterwards asking why etc., but still I’m not sure about how meaningful this actually is). The other thing is that for some features it’s quicker to just develop them instead of doing research and then we basically stick with it, wether it’s valuable or not.

  • The urge to gain users: instead of further making our products more usable, enhancing them or helping our users to learn the method, we are developing further integrations to different tool so we can “get new users”. It often feels like we focus on the wrong stuff.

  • The marketing side: we are so focussed on getting e-mail addresses of users to know their activity in order “to better support them in their journey”. Although I think it’s in general a good idea to help them, we are trying it the bad UX kinda way. This happens also in other cases, it’s the pattern of either “it’s not that bad” or “it works, so even if it’s bad we do it! I don’t care if we loose X users when we now have Y valuable ones”.

I would really love to hear your opinion on whether I should be really that frustrated as I am now or whether this is like the common case. Also, if you have some ideas to convince my team how to act differently I would appreciate it much.

Thanks to all of you!

Best wishes,


Would there be a way for you to do some research yourself and then show them what you’ve gathered? I always find that if I can give an example proving the benefit it’ll help get buy in on something.