Using Stephen Anderson's "Mental Notes" cards during UX problem solving

Hi all,

One of my favourite tools in my box of UX tricks is a copy of Stephen Anderson’s Mental Notes cards.

The first sets were sold back in mid 2010 and I think sold out shortly after. When I last spoke to Stephen he mentioned he still had a second edition in the works (it’s been coming for a while!) and a few other related ideas too.

I find them quite useful:

  • During ‘design jams’ as a prompt for particular design strategies
  • For looking up related concepts (each card references related cognitive factors)
  • For getting stakeholders and team member excited about designing for human behaviour
  • When looking for patterns in research data
  • As a way to find inspiration and bust out of design blocks
  • Understanding how our UX design decisions may have implications for how people use our products
  • A fascinating way to familiarise with concepts for your next neuroscience / behavioural economics / game mechanics / UX geek night.

If you don’t have a physical copy, you can still browse the content (sans the excellent illustrations) free on Stephen’s website: Get Mental Notes

I’m just curious how many other people have used them, and exactly what you use them for?

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