Using "Any" as a default filter setting

I have my opinion on this issue. I’d love yours:

My client wants to use the checkbox “Any” on all filters in their search tool. Cites Zillow as an example:

Redundant or helpful?

Best, Jeff

I think it’s hard to judge this choice without considering all the essential details of the project. However, I can see how having this option can be useful in some cases. I think in many instances, having “Any” selected as a filter is equal to not filtering the results by that specific criteria. But, I can think of times that the user chooses a particular filter and then changes their mind and wants to revert that filter to its’ default state ( which can, of course, be accomplished in other ways ). Therefore, having this option can be useful for such a scenario. Though, even in that case, it’s essential to consider if “Any” is the right choice of word for your case or not.
Still, I think it’s important to know what is the reasoning behind the client’s request to find out if there is any better solution to achieve what they have in mind.


“Any” does look strange to me. Also it is difficult to glance which filters are selected and which are not.

Showing minimum and maximum values for a range (square feet, lot size, year built) instead of Any-Any text would be more logical and informative, I suppose.

There should be a possibility to make multiple choice for the Bathrooms and Parking spots filters, so a bar with options (like your Bathroom item) would fit to me. In such a case I don’t see why Any is put there if a user could just unselect the options which makes it clear that the filter is not applied.

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Use “Any” by default. It’s helpful from the user perspective. The system will allow users to go on a flow. Users don’t need to tap on every field to select their preference. You should also allow the user to save the search with a “Title”; so that they can use the same filter over and over again.

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