User research study


Was wondering if I could please get some ideas/recommendations on where to study user research. Previously I did the GA UX course and I would like to study user research further. I would prefer in person (Sydney Australia), but online is cool too.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Nicole,
My question back would be: what sort of user research?
I think unless you can work in a company to do user research as a designer or UX researcher and just learn by doing, you can try to play with own friend and pick some app you feel you’d like to test and test it applying different methods.
Other than that there are really good online UX tools that also give insights on how to proceed. please find below 3 key links I tend to always check after I made a plan for my own research- I always like to double check:

For more, of course you can learn a lot from your peers in UXMasteryand Usability.gouv.
I hope this was of help!

I can also recommend many books if you wish :smiley:


Hey Marlon,

Thanks for responding :slight_smile: Well, really all kinds of user research.

Thanks for those links, I’ll be sure to check them out :smile:


User research is also called as design research, when I asked my friend (no experience in this industry) "what is user experience researcher? ", “I think that it’s the best job(it paid well) that I can imagine, they just talk to some people and ask them questions to get the answers. How hard it could be” he said. Yeah, he may get some point, but ux researcher is definitely not an easy job, like never.

  1. The value of user research

  2. What are the responsibilities of being an user experience researcher?

  3. The methods of UX research

  4. What makes a good user experience researcher

I meant to post more details for you to learn about User Research, due to the long body of it, I just list the important points to learn user research. If you want to read more, please read the how to become an excellent user experience researcher. Hope it’s helpful for you!