User research in UI Design field

Hi there,
I’m currently looking for UI position and I ran into a few jobs that require UI designer to be able to do user reasearch. I am confused about this because from my understanding, UX designer do the research then UI use those data to create UI.
Is my understanding incorrect?

Not all jobs have the proper title, so a UX or UI designer might be required to do the UX research. Just like some UX designers are required to do the UI design, sometimes you have to do it all.

Heck sometimes I’ve seen it where the UX or UI designer is doing nothing but coding :smiley:

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We do see a lot of “UX/UI” job postings, especially for entry level positions, and smaller companies. I’ve had those types of positions, and they helped me find my passion and focus for the position I have now but if you feel it is out of your comfort zone I would not think it strange to pass on a job.

During my time looking for a job I’ve started to noticed how almost all roles are integrating UX and UI so it is important to have knowledge in both in order to get your first job.