User Research in relation to AdWords



Hi Guys,
I’m doing some work on and AdWords campaign for a small startup.
We are constantly trying to get into the heads of our ideal customer. If we can understand them more the lives and circumstance we can use this to work out what they might search for and align our keywords to this.

I find this so similar to the User Research we might do for any UX project. We are creating a type of persona of the ideal person we want to visit our site.

How could we use established UX research methods?
What could help define our user and what they might in turn search for?

Any thoughts welcome.



I went through this process a couple of years ago and I found the same thing – the process was very similar to a UX one. I used cohort analysis in GA to track users through our site and built my personas that way.


Recently had this too!

Aside from the quantitative wins - (GA data and surveys) we found doing a bunch of guerrilla interviews (e.g. going to places we expected to find our customers and doing five minute interviews) was helpful. The laziest method is just call a bunch of recent customers if you have their phone number!

If you’ve heard of the Jobs-to-be-done approach (, it was good to construct a few timelines and figure out what category of things people were initially looking for when they bought our product or something similar.


Hi Joshua, Many thanks for the tips and the link.

Appreciate it.