User research don't go as planned

Hi I have been doing field user research and it turned out that it didn’t go as I wanted. I am the only UX researcher working for a startup company so the UX maturity is very low but you have to provide quick insight asap.

so i did a user research last time but some of the participants didn’t show up due to unseen circumstances and there were not enough to find substitutes.

My question is should you do another field research in different days or should you stick and work with what you have at the moment?


Bummer about the cancellations! That sucks.

Without knowing all the pressures and expectations on you, if you have enough data to find some starting patterns and insights, it may be worth showing them the results. Especially since the company is new to user research.

You might frame the review as, “We got enough this time - here’s what I saw. For the next project, here’s how we can recruit more effectively” or, “I’m sharing this now because of the deadlines, but we really need 5 more people.”

I also experienced this “the hard way”, so I always try to schedule 2-3 extra people to account for those cancellations. Then, if people drop out, I have that buffer already in place. If everyone keeps the appointments, I have more data. Win-win!

If recruiting in the first place is a challenge, showing the value of that direct feedback through the insights you find - even from a limited group - may help convince them to invest in recruiting platforms like Playbook UX, Userzoom, or Usertesting to facilitate finding people.

Keep up the good work!