User Research - Benchmarking & Profiling



Hey everyone,

So I’ve been doing a lot of groundwork at my company and I’m doing a lot of research about the business and users and how they all fit together. Basically been spending some time with our ASE’s (African Safari Experts) and they are sales consultants. So on my quest to verify current issues I’m working on, I also identify a few other places and things that can be improved.

  • Each consultant’s experience and field of work - their experience and expertise (General profiling),
  • a general trend with our internal operations - how employees approach doing their work (Very basic user journey),
  • a trend in the way that the consultants approach doing sales - potentially streamlining the business process (Sales process)
  • summarize all the different tools they use to possibly identify what can be added to our main system (Tools and frustrations),

One thing that is NOT included in this sketch is the “Custom Systems” which refers to the custom processes and systems that they have created to get the job done.

So using these trends and feedback, I’m blending that with a researched and generic persona, taking into account pain points, frustrations and goals & tasks to define benchmark standards for the product.

This is making sense to me and is working quite well as I have a high-level idea of the mechanics of the company without being to feature specific.

Care to share any thoughts that anyone might have?

PS… @joenatoli, would like to hear your input regarding this??

Thanks everyone :grinning:


Hi @brendin
Sounds like you’re on the right track. It might be worth doing a current state service map/service blueprint, so you can document front stage, the back stage and the behind the scenes. This will help you to document the different aspects such as tools, their custom processes etc, and is a great way to show alignment or misalignment.
You can also overlay qual and quant data to help increase the evidence base.
Here’s a useful article about the differences between a journey map and a service blueprint.