User Persona


Hi guys,
I am wondering if there is a template example of a user persona when the user is actually a company?
E.g insurance company, postal company, etc?
What kind of user research do you do in this case?
Thanks in advance!

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I’ve not seen any myself but would it still be an individual within a company interacting with your product/service? If not, can you explain the situation, someone might be able to give advice if you are struggling?

I did some personas last year (can’t share) for an org that deals with big data being supplied by and used by a variety of people. Rather than having personas for the government, NGO, Charity, Newspaper, University etc we had things like MP, Aid Worker, Civil servant, journalist, data scientist, academic researcher and we made them fairly specific so gave them names, photos and unique geographies.

In many ways, it was the same but with a label but there may be multiple people in an organisation that need different things from you and having a person rather than a company helps you imagine what you would want if you were that person. It is harder to imagine yourself as a bank or government.

  • Postal company - A postie would have a very different requirement to a customer services person or CEO
  • Insurance - Sales person, claims handler, marketing department, manager, loss adjuster etc all have different motivations, amounts of time, patience levels, work locations, technical skills, priorities and more.

If it is an autonomous system like an API then ignore all the above.

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