User Journey Mapping ADVICE needed: What are your top 5...?


I am writing a lecture and assignment on User Journey Mapping for a college level eCommerce class I teach, and need some input from industry professionals who use journey maps in practical applications. What are the top 5 learning outcomes you would recommend from a user journey map perspective? Should be high level as this is section will only be a one-week lecture/assignment/topic. Thanks in advance!


hi @hlee

very interesting topic :slight_smile:

In my e-commerce experience, with my team, we always mapped user journeys.
To achieve this we always asked data to our business inteligence department. Of course the holy usability test supported us a lot.

Starting form the first finding that nowadays it is very difficult that users start and end the entire e-commerce journey on a single device.
I can list some recurring patterns. :

  • catalog browsing task is often delegated to mobile devices, and in my case (Switzerland) is increasing the number of users who perform this activity on smartphones (mostly hi-res devices)
  • general mobile users do not pay attention to products with low-quality images (in my case it was a mixed platform, pure e-commerce and auction products. A lot of user generated content)
  • payment transactions are very often performed on desktop or tablet devices. The reason was, according the test, because they want to have in one single view all the information related to the transaction (delivery time, delivery cost etc )
  • many users prefer to finalize the payment activity in a second time because they want to compare prices and products with other platforms. They really appreciated the availability of features as a “wish list” and “shopping cart” for unregistered users as well

I hope this description is up your alley


This question is right up your alley @ruth1 !