User journey in mobile layouts - Why is the price on the right not the left?

Why is the price on the right not the left when it is the main focal point?

Hi everyone.

So i went to an aggregator site here to compare broadband plans and i noticed something about their mobile layout.

When i look at each ‘box’ or plan, my eye observes in the order of:

  1. Plan Name
  2. Logo
  3. Price
  4. Go to site button.
  5. Contract length
  6. Additional information on left hand side with ticks/bullet points

In brief, my eye sight goes in a reverse zig-zag, lightning strike styled process where i go from top left to middle right to bottom right then back up to middle left, creating this circle process.

I found this peculiar because English is read left to right so since price is where i look at after the logo, why isnt this on the middle left (instead of the middle right) so i can naturally realign my reading then continue my process of reading additional information or go directly and finish up on the ‘go to site’ button (which is ultimately where they want the user going i imagine)?

Im wondering why the site has made users look to the price on the right only for them to go back to the left for more information which is unnatural for users? And i dont think price is enough for users to move to the next funnel process, my belief is users still need to check what the other features are (those shown on middle left).

Look, i could be overthinking it but i feel like this is a common way of layering designs (as in, having a feature on the right is better if you want it as a focal point as oppose to the left) and I would like to know what the reason for this foundation is.

If anybody can give me an insight into this, this would be amazing.

I think I understand what you’re saying, but I want to make sure we’re looking at the same thing. Any chance you could post some mobile screenshots?

I’m with Doug, in that I’d love to see the screenshots. But I have a theory that doesn’t need a screenshot. Maybe the designers want to downplay the cost, rather than having it be the focal point?


Yeap. Here is the screenshot. Thanks for getting involved gang!
@Piper_Wilson - could you explain more in detail? The thing is i see the price as a focal point so if they are trying not to make it a focal point its not working.
Im curious to know if there is a psychological theory behind this.

So I go name > price > CTA > name > price > CTA

which seems intuitive to me.

If the price was great I’d then look at features.

“if the price was great i’d then look at features”

  • Thats kind of my point, you still need to look at the features before making a purchase/decision.
  • So why dont they have price on the left (to agree with how English is read from left to right) so the user naturally looks at the price on the left followed by the features afterwards?
  • I guess using your user journey maybe it doesnt matter but i just wanted to know if there is any previous testing/reason for this to concrete my findings.