User Flow



Hey Everyone,

I am currently working on a site redesign.
I’ve been asking to create a user flow, my question is really basic :
Should I create the current user flow (of the current site) and imagine with users the futur user flow OR it’s not necessary to make the current user flow and should I just create the futur user flow ?

I don’t know if it’s clear …
I know that my question seems a little stupid but I really need your help to clarify this point.

Thank you a lot in advance for your help !


Nope, it’s totally cool. Always better to ask.

User flows are generally of your existing site, to help you work out what processes are currently working and where there is friction. That helps you focus on what to fix.

I still think it might be sensible to clarify exactly what it is that they want though.


I think you should create User flow of existing website’s design and from there, you can make better or future User flow.
With the help of current User Flow, you will come to know about usability issues and Information Architecture which is going to help in next UF (User Flow)


Thank you very much for your answer it will help me :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


like dotafxoc mentioned, do both. The existing one to understand the current flow. And the future one to identify what work needs to happen to get from old to new.

Why would the flows be different? There needs to be a reason for the change.


Everything happens for a reason in our industry :wink:


I would do a site audit/sitemap first before even doing a user flow.


Yes I agree with the comments. Users flow Will allow you understand better the site, exits ir not. Once you have a clear map then you will ve able to make better decisions for interaction design.