User flow diagram types and software


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I am working on user flow diagram for one of my clients. I am trying to decide whether I should develop:

Do you think develop one with simple screens add a lot of value during presentation with clients. Sometimes I feel like it takes too much time… Also, might I know which softwares are you using to develop user flow diagram with screens?

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Hi @xpland_nguyen,

I am a bit of a traditionalist, but a standard user flows is boxes and arrows with no UI info. It helps you decide how things need to flow together. the one with screens is now being called a wireflow, not a user flow. If you know the flow already, I would do a wireflow to help the clients. If you are still figuring out the flow of the app, I would do a standard User Flow.

Hope that helps!

Oh, and there are many, many software options. You can use Sketch for either option. there is a new tool called Overflow for wireflows. Lucid chart is also a good option.


Generic diagram makes sense for early stage where the flow is subject to change.


I also I agree with the comments. Don’t let the client get hung up on visuals when presenting user flow. I feel that even the simple screens, you referenced, is one iteration in the process after wireframes.