Useful UX Courses, Webinars, and etc

Thought a thread on solid UX courses, webinars, and other media would be a solid idea.

This is Standford’s (FREE!) course on Human Computer Interaction listed on Coursera and thought it might be valuable.

Great idea :slight_smile:

Udacity are doing a Design Fundamentals course on Intro to the Design of Everyday Things - led by Don Norman, Kristian Simsarian & Chelsey Glasson.

I can also recommend the really useful iPad app Udacity have recently released -

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I’ve completed these courses in the past year and half. I’m happy to answer any question anybody has on these courses.

Human Computer Interaction

  • Great course real eye opener, quite a lot of work, but you get out what you put in.
  • The great thing about this course, was the peer assessment, really pushes you along. Seeing other peoples work and know that they will be grading you was a real motivator.

Surviving Disruptive Technology (Very relevant to newspaper industry, and alot of other areas). Really interesting if you in a business suffering from web competition.

User Experience - The ultimate guide. (fantastic!!)

HTML & CSS Beginners Guide - great starting point, very easy to follow for the novice programmer.



I also attended to Coursera Human Computer Interaction course. … It was great and a great experience for getting in touch with a young learning community. Absolute positive MOOC experience, never imagined it like that. It was great and Scott is really a motivator. Acutally it is not anymore taught from Stanford but from UC San Diego

In general Udemy courses are great if teacher knows how to user the interface. As it is always recommended here I also recommend

They are taught by David Travis, for me so far the best UX teacher I´ve seen so far. Tangible good way of teaching using all possibilities of the interface.
If you´ve a question you´ll get answers in less than 12 hours. Good material for reuse attached as well
To add a comment not yet mentioned here: Don´t miss David´s other courses too … great stuff:

Another real cool course in udemy:

Complete interactive … starting with how to create personas … great learn

Right now I´m doing this course, let´s see how it is like:

You can browse some other courses in udemy as well but don´t buy full price as they always offer discounts from 50% upto 80%

Best regards

Excellent list Georg. Speaking of Udemy discounts, I got a little somethin’ somethin’ in the email from a certain website (they focus on UX-Mastery, might have heard of them) with a Udemy discount code.

I know it’s possibly getting a bit unwieldy because there are so many on there now, but I feel obliged to chime in here and mention our big list of online courses. We recently put them into a table that you can filter on keywords, or sort based on title, price, instructor name, platform, and most importantly star rating (for those courses that we’ve reviewed). Thanks for listing the udacity course, Rob. I’ve added it to our list, as well as a couple that you mentioned Georg.

Btw if anyone would like to write a review about any of these courses, we’d love to publish them so that others can make a more informed decision when choosing an online course…

Treehouse just released a UX course by Lis Hubert. If you’re on there, might be worth checking out.

I’ve completed a few on [B]Coursera[/B].

[B]Gamification[/B] - Recommended, a really indepth look at the pros (and cons) of gamified systems. A thorough explanation that it isn’t all about points, leaderboards and badges.

[B]Content Strategy for Professionals[/B] - Not great, admittedly it was aimed at a different audience - I was more interested in the COPE model, and thinking of the bigger picture. It was touched upon, but very lightly - these were just lecture based talks, and it didn’t appeal too much.

[B]HCI[/B] - Good - The course itself was well done, and very worthwhile, however the coursework was ridiculous - you would need a lot more time to learn the tools before being able to use them. They wanted prototypes creating in tools I’ve never used before!

[B]Social Psychology[/B] - Amazing - By far the best MOOC I have taken. This has already had a lasting impact on how I see things - fantastic tutor, fantastic in depth lectures, and thought provoking assignments. They are running it again later this year, and I highly recommend anybody with an interest in people to take this.

On [B]Udemy[/B]

I’ve snagged all of David Travis’ courses, on the general all encompassing subject of UX, his [B]Ultimate Guide to Usability[/B] is the best I’ve come across.

[B]User Expert Reviews[/B] - also by David Travis is again in the same vein, and very worthwhile. It looks at various design principles, alongside Nielsen’s, and I found this very informative.

[B]How to form habit-forming technology[/B] - by Nir Eyal, author of Hooked. Highly recommended, it goes into detail into the Hook model, and talks about how to engage users with a product so that it can form a ‘good’ habit. It looks at sites like Facebook, and Pinterest (in particular), and talks about what makes them work so well. The fact that the visitors have an ‘itch’ which is scratched by visiting these sites, and the fact that successful itches come from negative emotions - I am bored, I am curious, I feel silly… very worthwhile!


The Udacity [B]Design for Everyday Things [/B]course was nice, but maybe I’m too much of a Coursera fan boy - I like their interface, and lesson structure much more. It seemed a bit light on the content too.

I recently started this course so far I am enjoying it.

She has a couple of others that look like they may be worth taking a look at too.

It might be worth mentioning that (Monthly membership) has a few courses that deal with UX. General Assembly has an section on the subject as well.
(monthly membership)

I enjoyed what I have completed of this course as well.

I want to add two more courses about one of the most central UX tools: Axure
They may help you guys beside of practicing on your skills by doing or learning on the axure website

Have fun and keep on going :slight_smile:

Hey guys.

I’ve recently signed up for the courses here:

I like the quality of content and interaction so far, so I’m going to recommend them.

Let me know what you guys think.

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I did a round up of some good free or low cost UX courses a while back. Hope you find it useful:

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I found some ux courses on how design. They also have a monthly membership option for one hour long webinars. I think there is about 300 videos (not all on ux however)

I can’t remember if anyone here shared this or not, but here’s the Nielsen Norman Group report on User Experience Careers.

Hello everybody, I just signed up so new to this forum.

I wanted to ask some of you that have completed the UX design immersive course in Sydney or else where about it.
I am looking at doing it next year as i am finishing up my diploma in graphic design at the moment.
And have been studying UX myself for the past year at the same time.
Is the course worth the investment both financially and time wise?
And did it get you up to the level needed to be employed as a Junior Ux designer on completion. If so how was the process?

Any other similar courses you can recommend that you have heard about since completion?Any info would be great thanks for your time everybody.
Julio C

Hey Julio, welcome on board. :slight_smile:
I haven’t done the immersive course myself, but we have a huge list of online courses (and reviews) here and a list of degrees [URL=“”]here. Possibly not what you’re after, but some online courses might be a good place to start.

The Next Web has “The Ultimate Course to Increase User Engagement” by Susan Weinschenk available for $19 for little under two weeks (normally a $299 course).