Upcoming opportunity to talk with Cory Lebson about UX careers!

We have an exciting opportunity coming up. The amazing Cory Lebson has agreed to be a guest in our Slack channel for a learning session. Cory is the author of The UX Careers Handbook and he’s happy to talk about anything related to the topic of UX careers.

I thought I’d give you the chance to refine the topic to make it as relevant and valuable for you as possible.

Take a look at the book’s TOC
and reply to this post with a list of the topics that you’d be keen to chat about with Cory. If there are lots, we’ll poll for the most popular.

You have one week to get your preferences in.


This would be super helpful, looking forward to the session.

Here is my list of topics:

  1. What employers generally look for in candidates
  2. How to effectively communicate our projects to employers
  3. Transitioning between different UX specializations
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@SteveCrow, @chrisoliver and @SgiobairOg – this session will likely be of use to you.

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It’s a bit of a long story but:
we are currently looking to recruit a Junior UI/UX designer and I have been trying to explain to people what I am looking for in a potential UI/UX designer. So far I have got that I am happy for them to have no experience as long as they are keen to learn and have a basic understanding of what UX is. They need to be able to show a ‘different’ way of thinking, thinking outside the box, excellent problem solving skills. In terms of background for them we don’t have many specifics, it could be somebody with a psychology degree who has hobbies that include painting and photography (understand composition and basic design elements), it could be somebody who has worked in graphic design or web design and wants to change careers and has been looking into UX.

So what I’d like to know is:

  1. What is the best way to recruit potential UXers
  2. Is everything above a good place to start when looking for a potential UXer
  3. What sort of questions / tasks should we be asking / doing in an interview to find out if they match the above criteria. (I have some ideas but would love to here someone elses too)

I’m really looking forward to this chat :grinning:

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I would like to hear Cory’s advice on how to change your career from an in-house UX designer in a large enterprise setting (working with internal employee systems) to a smaller consultancy.

My experience is that everyone (both enterprise and consultancies) would rather hire UX professionals that have worked with several different clients on consumer-facing products.

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Based on the TOC, I would love to learn more about the individual UX career paths listed and what primary skillsets are needed for each.

Also, the subtitle caught my attention, “Your Career is Grounded in Your Education” – what choices are available if one’s formal education doesn’t have any visual creativity that would lend itself to UX?

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I would like to hear Cory’s advice on the following:

  • How to decide which jobs to apply to based on what the requirements are. I know many job posts ask for a unicorn. How can we increase our chances of applying to UX designer jobs where we will have better chances of getting hired.
  • How can someone who is changing careers from Psychotherapy to UX Design show potential employers that they are committed to the new career.
  • How can someone find a UX design mentor?
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