Understanding Web Development

Hello all, i’m not looking for an answer here, but rather a recommendation. In 18 months, my plan is to become a UX designer - another aim is to gain a clear understanding of web development. Can anyone recommend a book which will help teach me the fundamentals of web development, one which will give me a clear understanding of what can, and cannot be achieved? and a website which will help me keep up to date with technology?

Thank you!!


I’d recommend sitepoint.com (full disclosure: I used to work there). They publish daily articles about current trends in web dev, they have an active forum for dev and technical questions, and SitePoint Premium is an awesome (paid) library resource of easy to digest books and courses for beginners through to advanced.


I’d recommend this too (I have no affiliation with them) I am currently a premium member thanks to @HAWK!


Do you have a web developer friend? Work with them on a project.

Learn how to code a website.

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I really appreciate this, thank you.

I’m still figuring out which online course I want to take, too. Is there one you would recommend?

i’m considering the CareerFoundry UX course at this moment in time.

I don’t unfortunately but maybe I can see if there are any projects I could get involved in and volunteer for!

Thanks! will definitely be visiting sitepoint.com alot now!

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Heh, that’s a common conundrum around here.

Have a read through a few of these – they should give you plenty of info to think on.

CareerFoundry vs Bloc vs DesignLab
DesignLab/UX Academy vs CareerFoundry
The UX Mastery Community’s Own Guide to UX Training

@Emil_Lamprecht will be able to answer specific CareerFoundry questions

Hey @davidjordan8787!

Give me a shout if you’re still considering CareerFoundry and need any more info/have any questions - I’m part of the team there and would be more than happy to help you here :slight_smile:

Just briefly, our course takes 6 months and we guarantee a job at the end, so it definitely fits with your 18 month plan. In terms of learning Web Development fundamentals, we offer a free short course that may be helpful here.