Understanding the problem statement

I would like to understand the following problem statement. I have reached out to a few people and all of them has different opinions.

This is the only description I have of this problem. Hence, I started to do a competitor analysis. However, I couldn’t find any competitors who have short format communication platform meant to be for workplaces.

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Hi Zero Gook @zerogook

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This problem statement seems very strange. If anything, it isn’t a problem statement at all. It is a solution that you’ve been asked to design.

The context is clear enough, and what I would suggest is talking to folks, interviewing them to understand the problem space better. After that, you can figure out whether the Tiktok/Instagram for work is really an optimal solution, or perhaps there’s a better way.

Since the context ends with “help people share and collaborate on ideas” it seems your competitors would actually be brainstorming, visualization or collaboration tools such as Miro, more than an Instagram or Tiktok.

Not sure if this helps. :slight_smile:


This is a pretty common problem that we run into in the UX world - users have identified a potential issue and have already pitched or created a solution.

The issue is that the problem they’re trying to solve might not be the root cause of the issue, and their solution might not actually work to solve the problem. By interviewing users - and watching them within the context of their own environment - you’ll be able to dig deeper into what the underlying issues are and what the best possible solution might be.



I’m joining the topic a bit late.

I’m a beginner and I imagine the solution must be very interesting.

If you have by any chance found one, can you please share it and the process it took for you to come up with it?

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im like you

Hi Alborz, A little late here, but the following is the solution I came up with for this issue.