UK Base : Self study Group for UX London/UK base

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on this forum, I am really amazed to see the community support over here. I am planning to do a career change from Computer animation / vfx into UX. However I am planning to do it on a self study route because I don’t have tons of money such £7500 pounds to attend a 10 week course in London which is equivalent fee of a master course in UK. I believe this will be a longer and harder way but I think in both ways either easy or hard, I have to push myself out of the comfort zone and at the end of the day it will be me responsible for the results.

I was thinking of some collaborative effort like if we can make a self study group (Google hangouts) of people who are in same shoes like me. Then we can share idea , resources and courses of how to do self study after work. There are already groups arranging UX events in London so may be we can all gather there and learn something new. Coursera courses are not that expansive and seems much more affordable and there are few more courses coming up on Interaction design very soon. So may be we can attend such courses together and share and help each other during the course. Later may be when the group grows we can pay some UX designer already working in the industry to guide us a bit in terms of looking for work etc.

These are just some rough ideas in my mind with an obvious possibility of refinement. I am open to offers and ideas so please feel free to provide your input here.

If you are interested in joining the group please send me a pm or register your interest here so that I can make a google hangout group.

Many Thanks,


Great idea @manuce. Let me know when you have something organised and I’d be happy to put the word out via our social media channels.

Really great idea. I believe it can be very effective, as together everything is easier and fun :).

I am not in UK but would like to participate with love. I am in.

Thanks guys for the response. There is meetup for UX coming up in London may be if someone wants to sign up for it.

Armen sure everybody is welcome since it will be a self study group with some collaborative efforts from each member.

Hi, I would love to be part of this group. I am in Australia not UK. I am virtually new to UX so I will follow. In your initial consult - it would be great to have a time based study for specific areas of focus? Bit selfish of me - but I just want to know what it is I am learning and how I can sell it confidently when I cross that line into employment etc. Your thoughts? I will be part of your Google hangouts. Thanks.

good idea to create a study group on google hang out or just create a community for exchanging ideas and skills,Iam currently a master student in computer design area and I would like to get myself into UX/UI industry,so basically I teach myself relevant skills too.I think it would be good to also create a gmail group for discussion, what do you think ?