UI/UX vs Digital Design



I am a digital designer, very familiar with design processes, techniches, programs etc. But for some reason all opportunities I am getting at the moment are related to UX/UI design. All recruiters are contacting me for Senior UX/UI roles. I am thinking that maybe that’s it, maybe I should get into this! Well, I know that I am a good digital designer and during my processes I’ve allways had to come up with solutions that now I see that they were actually part of UI/UX processes.

Well, what should I do? Learn Axure and get into UX/UI Design? Guys, I’m new here but it would be great if I could have your opinions. Is it difficult? How was your experience when you started? I’m not familiar with UX/UI design and I’m a little bit scared of accepting a role without working experience… At the same time, I am a Senior Digital Designer and I am not very keen of going backwards and become a Junior UX/UI designer… Thank you


Hi @Nestor_Pestana – welcome!
Your skills are very transferrable, but I think you’re correct in being apprehensive about accepting a role without knowing what you’re getting yourself in for!

My advice would be to have a read of this article first up. It will give you an idea of the basics. Once you’ve done that, I imagine you’ll have more specific questions, which we’d be happy to answer!


with your experience, you can be in not time doing UX design, just need a intensive training in UX researching this is the area far away from digital design that you are missing and need it the most :wink: and learn on the job I guess (don’t believe me, I am just a new learning student) :wink: but i think is the right direction to follow

Good luck and let us know if you got the job or your next steps!