UI/UX Interview in a couple of days.!


I have an interview in UI/UX in a couple of days. Having 3 years experience, what kind of basic/common questions can i expect in the interview.? Any thoughts ?


They’ll likely talk about your UI/UX work history. Know the projects you’ve worked on inside out. What was your workflow/process? How did you work with others in your team? What were your challenges? Why did you do certain things?

I assume you have a portfolio? Know this inside out too, they’ll probably pick stuff to talk about.

Remember, it’s a 2-way process. Make sure you ask pertinent questions to see if the place is a good fit for you too e.g. what kind of projects would you be working on? How do you fit into the team, whats it like working there etc


Thank you so much for your outlook .!


Hi Mythri,

Congrats on getting an interview!

Adding to what Leo already mentioned, here are a few things you should be able to speak about:

  1. Portfolio: Know your work history. Having a portfolio that you can run through in the interview is a top priority. Show what you are capable of rather than telling them. Be able to talk about what you did, the process you used and what it achieved.

  2. Identify the skills/tools that are listed in the Job Description. Emphasize what you are comfortable with and be able to explain why the weak spots are manageable. For instance if you are missing one tool but have something comparable. Don’t worry if there are missing points. They are interviewing you for a reason. If there is a tool you are unfamiliar with, look it up and demonstrate you have an idea of what it is used for. No need to draw attention to shortcomings in the interview but have something ready in case it is asked of you.

  3. Understand the company that is interviewing you. This is more relevant in UI/UX than for other developers. You should know their objective, mission and be versed in their brand as well as target market. Just know enough in general terms to show you can be passionate about their mission.

Let us know how it goes!



I’ve seen a few popping up recently that aren’t shown here yet, so here are some you might consider preparing for.

What is a site that has great UX? Why do think so?

They want to see if you’re paying attention to the world around you as you go throughout your day. Good designers take inspiration from the world they inhabit. What have you seen lately that you like?

I personally like to talk about TurboTax - though I feel they’ve delved a bit into some dark patterns in demanding payments recently, they’ve done a great job of making a boring and long process seem enjoyable and tight.

What’s a site that needs a UX reboot? From a high level, what would you do to change it?

This is a chance to answer the converse of the same question, but it’s also a peek into how you provide feedback. Be honest, be forthright, but be polite. How you give feedback here will set the expectation of how you give feedback to your colleagues - and you never know what project someone may have worked on before moving to the company you’re applying with.

Who do you read?

They’re not looking for your thoughts on Melville or Jane Austen. They want to know that you read industry-related publications on a regular basis to keep up with trends and the latest thinking. Be prepared to talk about where you visit to find interesting pieces, and to discuss an article or two you’ve read recently. I’d also keep a couple of people you follow on twitter in your back pocket as well.

What trends do you see emerging in the UX world?

This is another “are you staying on top of things” type questions. If you are, you should have no problem answering these types of questions, but it’s still good to think about beforehand.

How would you explain UX to your grandmother?

They want to know if you have a grasp of what UX is in general, but also want to know that you can change your communication style to fit different audiences. The chances are you’ve struggled to explain just what it is you do to your friends and family, and if you’re applying for jobs now is the time to refine your answer. Come up with something clear, concise, and applicable.


This is great. In UI/UX you have to be able to converse with both technical and nontechnical folks.


My advice isn’t specifically UX related. I recommend rehearsing your answers to these questions out loud. Even the ones where they say, “Please tell us about yourself.”

Although their questions may be different, the practice will help you feel more confident and different things that you rehearse will likely be relevant for their questions.