UI review solution/plugin


Does anyone know of a plugin that could be useful for doing UI reviews without having to take multiple screenshots and importing to sketch?

Something where you could connect the phone to your comp and the plugin would show your phone with the build to review and compare against designs on sketch.

Thanks a lot

Welcome to the community @Mousse2008!

There is Sketch Mirror. I assume you are using Sketch… If you are using a different design tool it depends upon the tool.

Thanks @jdebari for the reply!

I am using Sketch and already use Mirror, however im after a tool/plugin that will help in sort of the opposite way in which Mirror does.

Developer pushes a build to test flight and I need to review it and compare it to my designs, having to take multiple screenshots and import them to sketch so they are side my side my designs, is annoying at times

Hmm, I guess I am confused. You shouldn’t have to do that process at all. No code can be pixel perfect. You should just look at the actual test flight version and it should be close to what you designed. You should not be comparing screen shots.

I hope you are designing in rems or even percentages or it doesn’t matter what your Sketch files look like. The designs will be a mess on any other device.

Maybe try BugHerd?