UI animation

What is the best way to specify animation within a prototype if you are using a very static tool such as Adobe XD and/or don’t have the time available to actually build the animations?

You can specify requirements in the annotations. It’s not great, but include element, timing, and direction is possible to describe with words. You could also try storyboarding the animations.


I’m thinking that’s what I’m going to have to do.


This resource may be helpful…

@rachelreveley I’m pretty sure you can animate elements in Adobe XD now with the Auto Animate feature. Building the animation into the prototype should help, correct? Also, I believe there are 3rd party plugins or scriptsfor XD that can export HTML/code for the animations. I’ve heard of some UI Motion Designers using Adobe After Effects and exporting vector animations with scripts such as bodymovin and lottie.

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