UI and UX Review request of a new Tree Web Component


Hi, I’m looking for fresh eyes to review a Tree Web component I’ve developed and am hoping some folks here may be interested in helping out. I don’t pretend to be a UI/UX person, but I have been developing software for a long time and am reasonably good at picking up issues with “other people’s work”.

I’ve written a few tree components over the years and this one builds on all the work I’ve done before.

I’m particularly interested in feedback on usability and functionality. The Tree can be reshaped using drag and drop, with specific hints displayed when a drop isn’t valid. It also provides several ways to order and view the tree: by name, by date and by an order you create.

Another useful capability is Tree item hoisting, which lets you view and work with a tree branch in isolation from the tree as a whole.

Further you can select icons and background color for each tree item etc. It works on Desktop and Tablet/Touch devices.

A full demo app is available at: https://clibu-tree-test-app.netlify.com/ and a Blog post is here.

I see the underlying tree component being re-styled and repurposed for use in various applications.

Any and all feedback much appreciated.


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