Udacity Nanodegree vs CareerFoundry


I am currently working in customer service and I am planning to make the switch over to UX design.

I was thinking to quit my job to do the CF course paid via the government which they said they would do. That would mean though to quit my job and take a quite big risk during these times.

My friend did the Udacity Nanodegree for programming and she was able to land a job after some time working on her portfolio which has made me think that it’s a more suitable starting approach for me during this “pandemic” at least.

It would only be 3 months and I could pay it by myself instead of the CF course going at least 6 months + 5 times more of the price.

Did someone already take part in the Nanodegree and can recommened it for me?

Welcome to the community @past!

It depends upon where you are located in the world. Programming is a much easier job to get than UX Design. The CF course is part time. You can go as fast or as slow as you want so you could do it in a shorter amount of time if you did it full-time.

CF is much more well know as a UX Design education institution than Udacity.

Hope that helps!