UCD vs Design Thinking


Hello all,

As a designer, I have been exercising and learning user-centred design approach for a while, I have read how design thinking as a model works but never implemented on any of the projects.

Kindly can someone help me learn the differences in detail from your personal experiences on opting design thinking versus the ucd approach?



Here’s a good article: https://www.cambridgeconsultants.com/insights/untangling-ux-part-1-design-thinking-vs-ucd


I guess both are same?



Well, there is a subtle difference between the two, one should know when to use which of the two methods and this may/will come with the years of real experience as I see.

The goal remains the same but they differ in the use of techniques. Also, Design Thinking as a framework is a solution based approach which emphasises more on the Ideation part of the problem-solving.

DT also is an approach to solve wicked problems which are tough to tackle and may not have a substantial solution and is being used in solving digital user experience apart from being used in many other non-digital fields of a domain. (like finding a solution for eradicating terrorism or climate control)

Whereas UCD is a traditional and a holistic framework we follow and are accustomed to practising as UX designers. (which was also taught as a student at my design school)

I was baffled over on how design thinking can be used in the field of user experience which made me ask my UX masters at UX Mastery @HAWK as I had never used this approach:)

I found this link to be helpful:

Please correct me or add more to the thread to make the subject more meaningful.



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